Open Letter in Defence of WikiLeaks’ Right to Publish

We believe that free societies everywhere are best served by journalism that holds governments and corporations to account. We assert that the right to publish is equal to, and the consequence of, the citizen’s right to know. While we believe in personal privacy and accept a need for confidentiality, we hold that disclosure in the public interest is paramount. Liberty, accountability and true democratic choice can only be guaranteed by rigorous scrutiny. We defend the right to publish the truth responsibly without obstruction and persecution by the state. The primary duty of journalists everywhere is to advance the cause of understanding, not to assist governments and powerful interests in suppressing information, and never to defer to ingrained habits of secrecy.

With these principles in mind, we declare our support for the publication of documents released through leaks. They have cast significant light on the behaviour of governments and corporations in the modern world. WikiLeaks has done the world great service. We strenuously denounce the threats of death and criminal prosecution of its director for publishing, together with many organisations throughout the world, information that is clearly in the public interest.

Those in authority routinely oppose such disclosure, as they have done since the struggle to publish the proceedings of the British Parliament over two hundred years ago right through to the release of the Pentagon Papers. We believe no democracy has ever been harmed by an increase in the public’s knowledge and understanding.Therefore, we, the undersigned, declare our unyielding support for the principles of journalistic inquiry and openness, and condemn the forces that threaten both.

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There are multiple moments to photograph during a wedding: the hairstyle of the bride, the departure of the couple and finally married, the toast, the bridal dance, etc. However, the wedding is more than the celebration of a single day. Therefore, more and more couples who after the day of their wedding and leaving aside the nerves of the moment, are encouraged to pose once again in front of the camera. It is what is known as Trash The Dress

What is the Trash The Dress

Trash The Dress is a style of wedding photography very different from that performed during the actual wedding day. Our students of the Professional Course of Photography of Weddings enjoyed in person a photo session of Trash The Dress with Olga Guarddón, Professor of Workshop Experience and professional photographer. The shooting, which takes place in the days after the wedding, took place in Madrid Río. Normally, the sessions of this type of photography are made in totally different environments from the day of the wedding, to create that contrast between before and after. Also, the photo session is much more relaxed and relaxed, since the nerves pose more natural and less embarrassing.

During the day of the wedding, the bride and groom are indisputable protagonists so they must be impeccable at all times. Normally, the bride usually takes more care when moving with her dress, but both are the center of all eyes. During this photo session, the bride and groom can afford to get dirty, get wet or even break their outfits, everything is allowed! And is that a Trash The Dress is definitely a photo session to have fun and forget the nerves of the big day.

This tradition of photographing the bride and groom after the wedding dates back to 2001. The photographer John Michael Cooper made this photo shoot in Asia and Las Vegas for the first time, photographing the bride and groom in industrial settings, nothing to do with the landscapes of beaches and botanical gardens for normal wedding photography sessions. This is where the expression “trash the dress” comes from, meaning “in the garbage with the dress”, since the environment of the photographs and the dynamics of the photo session invite to be unconcerned about the dress. Also, when are you going to wear a wedding dress again?

In Spain, this tradition came from the hand of the wedding photographer Karlos Baión. His photographs are usually on Donosita beaches where the bride and groom give a second use to their clothes, using them as swimsuits.

How was Trash the Dress developed?

On this occasion, the students of the Actual Day Wedding Photography and Videography Singapore held the photo session in Madrid Río. Decked out with all the photographic material and accompanied by Olga Guarddón, they were able to enjoy a Trash The Dress live. The day seemed not to accompany much to the couple, so the first step was to analyze the light to test in different scenarios. As we have said, the Trash The Dress is a fun and informal photo session, so both the couple and our students had a great time. And proof of this, are these images from the class of wedding photography.

What practical advice could the students of the Professional Course of Photography of Weddings put into practice?

The students could find corners that unite, light, perspective and aesthetics in photography. In addition, they took ideas on how to move the couple, what to propose and how to get the best out of their smiles. When the photographer achieves that complicity with the couple, he manages to allow the bride and groom to guide and trust in him at all times.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange will request a review of the arrest warrant

The defense of the founder of Wikileaks, the Australian hacker Julian Assange, will propose a Ebates Review trial to the order to surrender to justice issued by Sweden so that he can leave the Embassy of Ecuador in London, where he has been isolated for four years.

The exjuez and defense lawyer of Assange, Baltasar Garzón, was yesterday in Quito and announced that they will benefit from this procedure, after the United Kingdom approved, in 2015, a new regulation related to the Law on the Order of Detention and Delivery , also known as Euro-Orden, whose objective is to replace extradition to avoid paperwork.

The recent article, according to Garzón, establishes that the Euro-Order will be applied, provided there is no formulation of charges against the defendant.

“That is the case with Assange. Sweden has not brought charges against him; what it opened was a previous investigation in which they shuffle criminal types and ask for the arrest to go and answer for them, but there is no charge, so the United Kingdom says in these cases, we are not going to stop this person “He explained.

The problem is that this new regulation included a transitory one that indicates that the mechanism will not be retroactive, and Assange has been isolated since 2012. “What we are going to do is propose a trial to review the delivery order because this has appeared. norm that favors him. And despite what he says (the transitory one), we are going to question, “Garzón added.

Last Sunday Assange spent four years in the Ecuadorian Embassy, ​​so the International Center for Advanced Communication Studies of Latin America (CIESPAL) this week held the meeting ‘Julian Assange, 4 years of denied freedom’, which came Waiter.

In his speech he told, laughing, that on the flight from Madrid (Spain) to Quito, he met with the presidential candidate of CREO, Guillermo Lasso, who would have committed to maintaining the asylum.

In his informative platforms of the social networks, Lasso related that he had with the Spanish a “casual encounter, and a fluid and pleasant conversation”, and although they are on “opposite shores; There is something in common: we both believe in democracy and the rule of law. I told him about the Assange case, that I would not have put Ecuador into such an international problem, but once we are there, the solution must be framed in international law and respect for human rights. “


As all cat owners, accidents of this type occur to us at home, in this cat care post we are going to show you some cheap and effective home remedies to eliminate the cat urine smell of your house.

Suppose your cat has peed out of the sandbox and there is cat urine on a rug, on a sofa, or on your bed. To get rid of it, we recommend that you follow these steps:

1. The sooner you act, the better. The more time passes, the more cat urine will penetrate thetissue, the more it will spoil and the more it will penetrate the unpleasant odor. So do not wait, and nothing else you notice, get going!

2. Dry the area thoroughly with absorbent kitchen paper: simply place several pieces of paper on the stain and step on them or apply a little pressure to the paper to absorb the liquid better. Repeat this until you see that the paper does not absorb anything else.

3. Use a product on the fabric: If you have access to them, there are specific products on the market to eliminate the urine odor of cats that chemically destroy enzymes present in cat urine that cause bad smell . But suppose you do not have access to those products, or that you do not want to use a chemical and see what homemade products you can serve us.

What home remedies remove the odor of cat urine? The best 3 cat urine remover products:

1. Use white vinegar to remove the odor of urine from cat:

(Do not use vinegar from red grapes so that there are no red traces on the tissue). You can dilute one part of water and another of vinegar and wet a cloth in that mixture. With the cloth well moistened in the vinegar you must rub in the macha so that it is eliminating the smell of urine of cat. The vinegar manages to kill bacteria that contribute to causing the bad smell and is a good natural remedy against the smell of cat urine . -If the stain is on a carpet, it is best that you use a brush to make the product penetrate better.

2. Juice or lemon juice removes the smell of cat pee:

Lemon juice also serves to kill bacteria and as a deodorant, but keep in mind that it is acid and so it is better to use it diluted with water (this will prevent the lemon from spoiling or damaging some surfaces or tissues).

3. Baking soda as a natural deodorant:

Bicarbonate is a whitish salt that is present in nature, although it can also be synthesized artificially.

Almost everyone has baking soda at home because it is used to relieve heartburn. But another use of baking soda is cleaning and even removing the cat urine odor , as the baking soda has a great power as an abrasive and natural deodorant.

How to eliminate the smell of cat pee with bicarbonate?

  • It’s simple, simply spread a good layer of baking soda on the carpet or sofa or fabric you need to clean. You can help with a cloth or a brush so that the product penetrates better in the fabric with the bad smell.
  • Let it sit for a few hours, or overnight if you can.
  • The next day shake the tissue well and pass the vacuum cleaner to remove any baking soda.
  • Another option is to mix the bicarbonate with water and make a whitish paste , which you will spread on the surface to deodorize. Let it dry for several hours, until it remains as dust again. This shape is best if the cat urine odor is already very “deep” in the tissue.

4. Detergents, especially with active oxygen:

This is a fourth home remedy to remove cat pee odor (not natural, but common in our homes). We use it mostly as stain removers, but because of their action with active oxygen, these household detergents also suit us to clean cat pee from the tissues.

Lingerie Publish: the detail (sensual) that makes the difference

Women, watch! The underwear is super important: even if it is not the first thing you see, it is the first thing you saw. So that you see yourself divine and the enchants without taking your clothes, an expert gives us some clues. Let them out of breath and feel good through every detail that goes with you!

If there is something that communicates sensuality, femininity and personality in a woman, that is lingerie. But the secret is to choose it properly. It is a subject that presents completely opposite attitudes: there are those who dedicate time to the selection of each one of the pieces and others that are based on the phrases “today is not going to look”, “no one sees” and that just coincides with The prototype woman who has her wardrobe, at least in the lingerie, sloppy, messy and sometimes mixed with some of the bandages used for the Gym, some handbook that we never used or a jewelry maker in which We keep things we do not even know exist. Here are some suggestions and tips for you to choose well.

– If your skin is of cold tendency, that is to say mat brown, or white porcelain, Inclinate by the tones of the same palette, ie cold: colors like blue or fuchsia are ideal for you. If you are a fanatic of the whites, I chose the pure ones, so much brilliance or mates are right options. For those with a warm tendency, in which brownish skin (both dark and clear) prevail, it is better to bow down to the ivory. The reds and the intense violet are the ones that best suit you!

– Having a set of each of the three base colors is essential: one in white, one in natural color and one in black.

-The best thing is that the bodices have finite straps, because it is the most delicate, especially for summer clothes in which we can leave a shoulder exposed and, if it is covered is the most seated,Since the wider thongs are unappealing and attractive. For vests, vedettes are the most practical.

-If you wear white , it is best to wear natural colored underwear if you wish that it is not transparent through the garments.

-Insign without showing. This is one of the phrases that we must always have. It is good for social outings that the bodice straps can be seen, but without abuse. Rates should be capped!

“Prohibited silicone cuffs!” It is preferable to use a finite pitch of the garment tone or lean over a strapless, that there are many that have a super class and are very comfortable.

-As for the bombachas, special care must be taken in the elastic bands: Many times they squeeze too much. So, the suggestion is that you try it (because in some places allow it), with your pants or undergarment, to see how it fits you.

-The culottes and the tail-less bombs are hyper sexy, even though they are polar opposites: each one goes with a different personality. Just take special care in what we often call “dental floss”, not seen when we sit. On the other hand, pay attention that the cullote does not squeeze the tail or hips to avoid any deformation in the body.

– For the genres, always the cotton is the most practical since it is not marked in the garments and those that are of good quality can last you for years. But a set of lace , Transparencies and some media bucanera or vestibule should not be missing in your wardrobe. Always ready, it is another of the phrases that must accompany us!

-Finally, have in perfect order all your Sexy Lingerie Xoxo, the pants that are at the bottom of the drawer and not used for some time or are in poor condition, change them. It is essential that you give pleasure to open this sector and choose the set that will accompany you during the day. Take the test, and you’ll realize how much pleasure it generates to have the most feminine space of the wardrobe , perfectly neat … It will be absolute sensuality for your own eyes! The bombachas that are in the bottom of the drawer and not used long ago or are in bad condition, change them. It is essential that you give pleasure to open this sector and choose the set that will accompany you during the day. Take the test, and you’ll realize how much pleasure it generates to have the most feminine space of the wardrobe , perfectly neat … It will be absolute sensuality for your own eyes! The bombachas that are in the bottom of the drawer and not used long ago or are in bad condition, change them. It is essential that you give pleasure to open this sector and choose the set that will accompany you during the day. Take the test, and you’ll realize how much pleasure it generates to have the most feminine space of the wardrobe , perfectly neat … It will be absolute sensuality for your own eyes


Automakers would love to have more customers like Alexis Cázares, an employee of a media company, who went to an Audi dealership in December 2015 to buy a new car. I wanted everything: fog lamps with washing system, sliding roof, blue body with metallic effect and an audio system with CD changer.

There was no model with these characteristics, but it took the dealer a couple of minutes for the salesman to order the vehicle with the particularities requested by Cázares, and send it to the Audi plant in Ingolstadt, Germany. In eight weeks, the car was ready. “The experience was good,” says Cázares. On previous occasions, when he went to a dealership to buy a vehicle and there was no model with the characteristics he wanted, the seller tried to persuade him to take any of the options available.

But personalization of vehicles is a trend that premium vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have been trying to climb since the last decade, in order to increase customer loyalty, reduce inventories and avoid Strong rebates on cars that were not selling.

Lee: Luxury cars, the new ‘obsession’ of billionaires

“But they had little success, because customers were not willing to wait for their car. On the contrary, they sacrificed some characteristics or accepted a different color in order to leave the dealership with their new vehicle, “says Argenis Bauza, KPMG supply chain consultant.

Now, after extensive marketing work and after other brands have successfully pushed the customization of their products – Trek bicycle maker allows customers to build their vehicle from scratch, while Brooks Brothers gives men the ability to Create their own costumes – premium car manufacturers have found echo in consumers who are willing to wait four to eight weeks for a custom car.

According to BMW estimates, in 2010 only 15% of Americans who bought a car of this brand ordered their cars on order. Today, they are around 40%.


But doing so involves some challenges. While brands that make vehicles in series with the same type of seat, steering wheel and engine, can plan their production several months in advance; Automakers that offer custom models do not know the exact configuration until they receive the dealer’s order. After this, they have about four weeks to produce it.

Audi customers can choose from 17 paint colors, 23 rim sizes and 35 seat upholstery. The Ingolstadt plant arms 566,000 units a year. “We only produced two identical cars in a year, the rest had a different handle,” says Miguel Aragón, Planning Manager at the Audi plant in Puebla.

Lee: Mexican car production and export grow record high

To deal with this complexity, the BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz plants operate under a model called Just in Sequence , which ensures that the supplier not only delivers the components in the time required, but also that the succession in which Sends each component is correct.

The dealer’s software is linked to the production system and, as soon as the seller clicks to send the customer’s order, the information arrives at the plant. The suppliers of the most critical components – those that the customer can configure – operate near the factory.

Lee: The domain of auto parts

HBPO, for example, produces consoles, radiators, headlights and water pumps at a plant located in Puebla, about five minutes from the Audi complex.

According to Russ Catron, HBPO’s Puebla plant manager, there are 300 variants for the center console. “Due to these variants we can only begin to assemble once we receive the order. When the bodywork is finished and it’s going to come in assembly, we have four hours to build a console and take it to the Audi plant, “says Catron.

A similar process occurs with the seats, the door modules and the headlights.

With so many variations between each vehicle that goes over the assembly line, workers rely on the screens above them to track the vehicle they are building. In them they find the details of the configuration of each one of the models.


While such complexity costs more than the typical manufacturing process, the gains for both the brands and their dealers justify the investment. Just go to the page of any of the premium brands and start to set up a vehicle to get an idea of ​​the price that these models reach: a vehicle whose base price is 800,000 pesos, reaches over one million pesos when you add one Painting with a finished finish, 47,550 pesos, an air-conditioned system of leather seats, 57,100 pesos, and aluminum wheels, 15,850 pesos.

Lee: 4 trends that automakers follow to design the cars of the future

In one year, the Ingolstadt plant produced only two identical models.  The rest, about 566,000 units, had variations.
Unique  In one year, the Ingolstadt plant produced only two identical models. The rest, about 566,000 units, had variations.  (Photo: Courtesy)

Personalization also helps companies get ideas from my tcc custom designs and tweak products to stay one step ahead of the competition. With each design choice, customers share buyers’ preferences in real time that go far beyond what they would say in a focus group, says Francisco San Jose, a marketing consultant at the Universidad Anáhuac.

Those customers who had customized an online product became more involved with the company, visited their website more often, stayed on the page longer and were more loyal to the brand.

A survey by JD Power, a consulting firm specializing in customer satisfaction, showed that half of car buyers would switch to a different brand if the current one did not offer the technology and features they wanted. On the contrary, customers whose cars are equipped exactly as they wish are more satisfied with their purchase.


Bauza, of KPMG, explains that with the advent of additive manufacturing – a process by which a 3D file is converted into a physical object by adding layer by layer of plastic, resin, metal or paper – consumers can design And manufacture their products. “It will be the personalization carried to its maximum expression,” he says.

Local Motors is already moving in this direction. By 2020, this company, which now has three floors and 200 employees, plans to open 50 small factories where its customers will be able to design and print their cars in less than 12 hours.

Unlike current vehicles, which have up to 20,000 components, Local Motors models are manufactured in ‘printers’ that inject layers of ABS plastic and carbon fiber. According to the company, the manufacturing time of each model is about 44 hours.

Currently, 75% of the vehicle’s structure is printed in 3D. The engine, the battery, the powertrain and the tires come from the Renault Twizy. In the future, Local Motors will try to get 90% of the vehicle out of a 3D printer.

For $ 18,000, customers will choose from a menu of body styles, colors, tires and engine, and following the instructions of an interactive manual will participate in the manufacture of their own vehicle in the plant.

In addition, Local Motors will offer its customers the option of upgrading their vehicle, as their parts can be melted, due to their composition of thermoplastic and carbon fiber, since the material can be used to form a car with new features. A number of these updates will be agreed in the contract of sale.

The Fitness Fair Shop, opens on Madrid at the end of May

This year is the fourth edition. It is a space where to take the pulse of an industry that grows year by year, improving the health of the hundreds of thousands of people who practice sports in our country’s gyms and sports centers. It will be able to find equipment, technology, accessories, pavements, access control, changing rooms, sports medicine, saunas, sports nutrition, electrostimulation, technology and a myriad of articles essential for sports centers.

It is aimed at managers of gyms and sports facilities, directors of fitshop, shopping centers, hotels, sports shops, nutrition stores, city halls, universities, schools and builders, coaches, monitors and technicians of physical activity.

Attendees will be able to establish professional contacts with companies of equipment, pavements, vending, access control, constructions and projects, music, saunas, massages, spa, sports footwear, associations / federations, antiaging, maintenance and cleaning, press, Online, leasing, franchising, internet, conventions, consulting, training, martial arts, coaching, accessories & complements, training, marketing, professional nutrition, pilates and sports shops.

The fair will be open to professionals from 10.00 to 19.00 hours and during the day of Saturday 27 may attend all those interested in this sector.

In addition to the exhibitors, different activities related to the fitness world have been programmed. So far, the following are confirmed: III National Congress of Personal Training, the Indoor Triathlon Championship, Life Fitness Poweres by ICG presents the Master Trainers, Seminar of Digital Marketing for Sports Centers, directed activities of Spinning, II Conference On Physical Activity and Health in the workplace and the World Championship of Street Workout. There will also be Pilates, Hipopresivos, Zumba, Latino, Crossforce, Yoga and Total Body activities.

The two films about Julian and his WikiLeaks

It was a matter of time to know who or who would make the rights to the scandals unleashed by Julian Assange through its WikiLeaks website, a medium where classified information classified from countries, government agencies, financial or control entities, that have put To stagger many political relations.

In this case it is two different producers who have proposed to take to the movies this uncomfortable (for more than one) political history. The one is a documentary, so its sense of denunciation and criticism will be more marked and the other is a feature film that will be a little more focused on the origins of the nonprofit organization (supposedly) dedicated to disseminating this information.


A renowned filmmaker is responsible for this story, Alex Gibney , considered as one of the most important documentalists today and in his charge was also the script and co-production.

The two films about Julian Assange and his wikileaks

Gibney is known for “scrounging” in embarrassing scandals like that of a taxi driver in Afghanistan who was tortured and later killed at Bagram Air Force Base, a story he documented in “Taxy to the Dark Side” for which he won the Oscar in 2007.

“We Steal Secrets: The History of WikiLeaks” (We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks)  is the title of this documentary that as it is expected to delve into the way the documents revealed to the public have been released and who have Been the main players who have “freed” hundreds of cables with classified information, especially the US government.

One of the most curious things about this documentary is that the phrase that gave rise to its title was not uttered by the founder of WikiLeaks , but by Bradley Manning , the intelligence analyst of the United States Army accused of filtering the information to the website And for which he is being held in conditions of total isolation, a fact that has caused mobilizations in different countries that, as with Assange, consider that Manning did good to all humanity in publicizing the abuses committed by the US government.

The film premiered at Sundance and will be released on May 24, limited, in the United States (Los Angeles and New York). Starting in June, the international distribution will take place. Today the first trailer for this documentary has been released, watch now!


Dreamworks in partnership with Touchstone Pictures (in distribution) are responsible for this story entitled “The Fifth State” , directed by Bill Condon (Twilight Saga 1 and 2) and British actor Benedict Cumberbatch incarnated Assange, who at the beginning of the year disapproved of the script by calling him a liar because, according to him, he attacks his integrity and that of those who have worked in the organization.

The first thing that has come to clarify the production is that this film is not intended to deliver value judgments since even those responsible for imparting justice have still determined the true scope of these leaks.

The script of this feature film is based on two books, one is “Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website ” published by Domscheit-Berg in 2011 and the other ” WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy” written By journalists David Leigh and Luke Harding. (How many have already profited from this story and those who are missing!).

A short letter tips on Inflatables against rigid kayak

While the classic image of a kayak is a hard-hulled boat and a single sailor, you will have noticed the inflatable kayaks that appear in stores and in magazines. These boats are rated in quality from inexpensive inflatable rafts to high quality and durable boats that rival rival rigid kayaks in terms of performance. In general, inflatable kayaks cost less, but do not move in the water as easily as a classic kayak.


Rigid kayaks are much heavier than their rubber-and-air counterparts, which can weigh as little as 16 pounds (7.26 kilograms).Deflated, inflatable kayaks are folded to the size of a canvas bag and fit easily into the trunk of a car. This eliminates the need for a roof rack. Some of the more compact models fit inside a backpack or luggage, which opens the possibilities of kayaking in the country or abroad. Apartment residents will find it easier to store an inflatable kayak at home, where it can fit in a closet, than a rigid kayak. However, inflatable kayaks have less load capacity available than the average rigid kayak.


Starting at around US $ 100, in May 2011, inflatable kayaks cost much less than rigid kayaks.However, you can spend $ 1,000 on an inflatable kayak or a rigid kayak, as both types have a large price range that match their wide range of qualities. Low-end inflatable kayaks are inexpensive but not as durable or manoeuvrable as high-end types. When it comes to rigid kayaks, plastic is the cheapest material available, but also the heaviest.


Inflatable kayaks require inflating and deflating every time you use them, and there is always the possibility of a puncture. Buying a high-quality inflatable kayak made of sturdier materials can reduce the chances of a leak. Some models are even resistant to punctures thanks to the materials used or to redundant air chambers. Some boats inflate in as little as 10 minutes, while others take longer. Rigid kayaks do not require much maintenance, but wooden kayaks need more care than other kayaks. The only maintenance required for an inflatable kayak is to dry it before storing it.


Since inflatable kayaks weigh much less than rigid kayaks, they can be difficult to control. However, one advantage of inflatable kayaks is that they are fairly stable and more difficult to overturn than standard kayaks. In general, rigid kayaks are faster and more maneuverable, especially during high winds that will push an inflatable kayak. In inclement weather and especially in the ocean, rigid kayaks are in many more conditions to navigate. Browse our website here for more details.

Letter to the Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology

When fairfax obgyn gynecologists talk about basic gynecology, we all know what this means. When we talk about sub-specialization in Gynecology, we know that we refer to maternal-fetal medicine, endocrinological reproductive medicine and oncological gynecology. When we talk about Urogynecology, things are not so clear fundamentally by the implications of the specialty that is classically competent in the urinary tract of women, Urology.

We all agree that the collaboration of the urologist will be vital in some situations where we are not experts but the issue of urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders is at least as important for us as it can be for urologists Or for anorectal surgeons.

The prevalence of pelvic floor disorders and one of its consequences, urinary incontinence, is very high in mature women and especially in postmenopausal women, and this translates into a high percentage of women who will come to our consultations, just with these problems.

It is necessary for us to have in mind that we will need experts in uro-gynecological subjects and that therefore those who are dedicated to the training of specialists should include topics from this branch of our specialty, and I do not refer only to theoretical expositions, but to Outline surgical techniques.

In modern Gynecology it is no longer possible to go directly to a corrective surgical intervention of a urinary incontinence without first undergoing a complete urodynamic study. We know that the results of the treatment of urinary incontinence are not effective in one hundred percent, but we do want to get as close as possible to this figure we will need a correct preoperative diagnosis.

At present we have many resources, both medicated, physiotherapeutic and surgical to achieve very good results.

There are new drugs that decrease detrusor overactivity with more acceptable side effects than we had until recently.

There are endless gadgets that help stimulate the pelvic floor musculature and that used with precise indications may prevent surgical intervention especially in mild incontinence. The same we can say of the techniques based on the exercises of Kegel.

Surgical treatments are undoubtedly the most used and although there are endless techniques described over the years, it is also true that they are selecting a few that have proven their effectiveness and are rejecting others that have not resisted the Proof of time. Among the latter we will mention Kelly or Marion techniques that lose their effectiveness even in the short term.

Basically we can distinguish two major types of interventions for the correction of stress urinary incontinence in women: colposuspensiones and slings. Of the first, we must emphasize the operation of Burch, also practiced by laparoscopic techniques and the Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz. Combined operations using needles have been more the domain of urologists than gynecologists and the long-term results are beginning to be questioned. Recently, colposuspension techniques with pubic bone anchorage have been tested that have the advantage of being fully practiced vaginally. It will take a few years to know if they stand the test of time in the long run.

Sling operations are in vogue today. Some say that they should always be used, in all cases of stress urinary incontinence. They are the ones that give the best results, whether they are applied primarily or used for recurrence cases. Slings can be performed exclusively vaginally using donor fascia lata, which avoids the rejection problems presented by synthetic belts. Very recently, a sling technique called Tension Free Vaginal Tape (TVT) is being popularized, which is very simple to practice and that despite the use of non-absorbable material at the moment, it has not given rise to rejections.

It is evident that we are before the outbreak of Urogynecology. Gynecologists should get on the train of this progress, and if we can drive the machine, the better.

Beauty in vein, injections of enriched plasma

The latest anti wrinkle injections melbourne are made from your own blood and growth factors. As you hear, true beauty in the vein . A true kick of first aid for what has been the frustrating anti-age target: from 50 onwards … The same that stands against wrinkles and all the side effects of the passage of time; Perpetuated already with omnipresence, however much we look at them in the mirror, with a refill and with more or less obsession.

If you’ve entered the tunnel to turn back time and fight like a flake against it, this can be your anti-aging treatment: a flash of luminosity that gives your skin a global revitalization. Why not? A younger look with your best blood sample enriched with platelet growth factors.

Ellis Faas, makeup, niche

Be that as it may, in May of this year, plasma has been classified by the Spanish agency of medicines and sanitary products as “medicine for human use to meet special needs . Nowadays it is part of many treatments of many medical specialties. In cosmetic medicine can be used in an isolated way, although the usual thing is to combine it with facial mesotherapy with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc.

We spoke with the medical manager of Vicario Clinics, a chain of pioneering centers , in this technique, as well as great specialists in this aesthetic therapy that nourishes your syringes with your own plasma enriched with growth factors, which in its menu of services Denominate Mesoterapia Dautólogo of Plasma . The Armstrong International Clinic unveils Esthetic Unit where they also perform this vampiric but rejuvenating cosmetic medicine treatment has also advised us on what, how, how much, what and where to use these injections of enriched plasma.

Treatment that I am not ready to try at the moment , although I have been invited to do so on numerous occasions. In any case and in the same way that I recommend baby diapers or anti-dandruff shampoos without using them, I think that for those who like mesotherapy sessions can be very good. Of course, please be careful in choosing the professional and above all do not get addicted to their incredible results, it is best to stay in the credible, although there are tastes for everything. Alaska , for example, prefers to be artificial, as I read in El País Semanal last Sunday.

The Dra. Purina Espallargas is a good example of lancing stimulus youth, with a steady hand and gingerly when inserting the needle into the groove of wrinkles. The filling as cream cake, is chosen à la carte and depending on our personal map of wrinkles and facial flaccidity.

With the injections of biostimulation of plasma there seems to be no rejection and the results are visible instantly and also in the long term. The only problem would be to put exaggerated expectations on a superficial treatment. Only plastic surgery produces drastic and permanent changes.

Ellis Faas, niche makeup with more art.

How is platelet-rich plasma or growth factors prepared?

“It is extracted from your own blood, it is first processed and introduced into a special culture broth that is reinjected in a short time,” says Carmen Fernández Astún, a dermatologist at Armstrong International.

In the opinion of Dr. Ricardo Vicario, Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor of Clínicas Vicario: “Once the blood sample is obtained, we perform a centrifugation process, in such a way that the red cells are separated from the rest of the plasma. Platelets are obtained from plasma (platelet rich plasma, PRP). And it will be inside these platelets where the FCs are. Red cells are discarded (red blood cells) and we are left with the platelet rich plasma, which we apply calcium chloride for the platelets to release the FC. Growth factors are small fragments of biologically active proteins that activate various functions of the Cells to develop tissue regeneration and repair processes. That is, CFs are biological mediators that regulate essential functions in tissue regeneration / repair. “

What effects does it have under the skin?

“This plasma increases the ability of biosynthesis of fibroblasts and reconstructs the optimal physiological environment of the skin to increase cellular activity, production of new collagen, elastin and acid hyaluronic own, thereby increasing the strength, shine and smoothness of the skin. It has the advantage that virtually no adverse reactions are possible “explains Dr. Carmen Fernández-Antón, dermatologist – Armstrong International Clinic

What are the applications on face and body?

“In Vicario Clinics we apply it in: Subdermic therapy in the form of a platelet clot for skin and volume repair, subdermal therapy (infiltration with adipocytes) for filling of depressed scars or scars and in intradermal therapy (as mesotherapy) for skin biostimulation Face, neck, neckline, hands .. “summarizes Dr. Ricardo Vicario.

Ellis Faas make up

Is there any contraindication?

Treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or platelet biostimulation is a safe treatment, provided that you work under appropriate asepsis conditions. Since plasma is obtained from the patient, there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection.

How many sessions are needed?

For the treatment of aging, flaccidity and stretch marks, monthly sessions are recommended, minimum of 3,   being ideal between 4 and 8. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

How long do the results last? And how often should the treatment be repeated?

Treatments vary depending on the medical protocol to follow. As a guideline, Dr. Ricardo Vicario notes that “if we apply it as an autologous facial filler, it is usually enough once. In Facial mesotherapy like biostimulation along with vitamins, minerals and trace elements 3 sessions spaced in 3 months and a subsequent maintenance of 2 times a year. If used to give volume combined with a fat graft or facial lipofilling   is usually enough once.

wikiHow to Create your photo booth at home

Summer came and, with it, the sequence of events: the good weather, the holidays, the trips and … the paperwork. And is that, taking advantage of the summer, many are forced to renew their documentation to be able to leave the country, looking for adventures to tell their friends and partners in September.
One of the things that lazier gives in this bureaucratic process is having to go to a photo studio or photo booth to take the rigorous photos of the card . You know that almost all official documents require that photo be six months or less old, so unless you have lots of cards to update in a short time, it is usually a useless payout.


Now is when you will ask yourself: ” Can my computer also help me make these pictures for less money? “And the answer, if not obvious enough, comes next:


Indeed, with some ingenuity you will also have your photo booth hire melbourne . Three are the aspects in which you have to look for it: the camera, the software and the printer that you use.
The camera
To take the image, a digital camera or a webcam will suffice , since the latter type of cameras, although they are not of high quality or have no flash (except cases like the image on the left) are sufficient for a picture of 30mm x 40mm and have programs that use the default brightness of the monitor itself as a makeshift flash.


The conditions of the photo must, however, be adequate to what is required in these images: place at a distance from a white wall or, failing that, a sheet of the same color extended or a paper surface. The farther you are from the wall, the less hard your shadow will be projected on it and the better the picture will be.


The software
Once the photo is taken, the software will help you adjust the size of the photo and generate the templates to print them. Here are a couple of programs that may be useful for this task:
Passport Photo has an extremely simple operation: choose the photo you just took and depending on the size of the photograph you define, delimit the area visible through a frame.


The program has few standards and none is Spanish, but you can customize the exact size to which you want to print the photos of the template . You can also generate a document that takes full advantage of the dimensions of the page you are going to print on.


DocPrint requires even less configuration than the previous one, but against it is that you should cut the image before with some other program . In short, this application is limited to generating the template of photos ready to print, but in this case it does have predefined sizes for official documents .
Party Booth is the most complete of the three options (similar in certain respects toMac’s Photo Booth ), because in addition to the trimming and preparation of the template, it does the captures from the webcam . Therefore, this application is the closest to having a photomaton at home and, in addition, with animated slideshow options, so that you see the result instantly and in an attractive way.


Printing photos
At the time of taking the photos of the card to the photographic paper, the so common multifunction printers are somewhat short. It is necessary to resort to more professional solutions to obtain the same results as in the study.
Photographic printers have gained popularity for some years, when digital photography finally consolidated and its price was significantly reduced. Nowadays they are not a crazy option and, for less than 100 euros, you can get one . The models in the HP Photosmart series , Epson Stylus Photo and Canon’s Selphy are geared to basic needs such as printing photo cards, and their paper and maintenance costs are relatively low.


However, for specific cases it is also not the best option to print from home. Photo galleries and image centers at the foot of the street work with good quality photo paper and its price is much lower than that of a photographic studio . In addition, if you wish, you can directly order the printing of these images from home . Thanks to applications like Ikatz at Home , the development order is integrated with your image album and it becomes a children’s game.


As you can see, there is practically nothing you can not do with your computer. Even dispense with these curtains, which are useful for specific emergencies, but less and less for photographic …
What do you think of these tricks? What other solutions do you know to save on taking pictures? 


5 Secret Tips to Get Rid of Blackheads Quickly

Do you know that, home blackhead remedies work very well many times to get rid of pimples or acne, rather than what your dermatologist will prescribe for you?

You should know that the dermatologist and the skin care doctor are in it for the money so they prefer to prescribe one more medicine product or counter blackhead that cost between $ 100- $ 150 dollars that you can It will work for some time, especially in getting rid of the symptoms of skin infection, or it may not even work at all.

But we will not let you know that you can also get a more effective and permanent solution by using natural home remedies for pimples.

Ace? Listed below are a few blackhead removal home remedy that you can use to get rid of pimples at home effectively without hurting your pocket.

How to remove a Blackhead.

1. Tea Tree Oil: This oil contains good anti fungal, anti bacterial and antiseptic ingredients in what is very useful to restore your natural skin appearance.

You can simply dab a little tea tree oil into your blackhead, either on your face or black spots on your nose and let it dry. Do not clean the oil after it has dried.

This is one of the most effective remedy for blackhead treatment. Tea tree oil remove? The blackish appearance of the holes in the skin. Uses often for maximum result.

2. Honey: You can get a bottle of organic organic honey from your local store near you, or the organic and natural section of any supermarket you like.

Use honey directly on your pimples by some adhesions on it. Let it dry and stay for at least 20 minutes after it can be washed off with clean water.

3. Limon: Limon juice is used for a lot of skin related treatment and body care. It is used for lighting freckles and bleached hair.

Use to get rid of pimples can be mixed with some honey for quick and effective results. Use cotton balls to lengthen pimples or acne and leave 15 minutes before rinsing off.

4. Toothpaste: You can use toothpaste to remove blackheads. This home remedy is best used at night when you are? About to go to bed.

Simply apply some gel to the blackhead of your nose or blackheads, you can use a face mask to avoid making a pillow.

Leave it on until tomorrow. And then rinse it off with warm water. Do this several times until the skin clears.

5. Water: Drinking lots of water not only helps your skin look healthier but also helps to ward off bad toxins from blood flows.

Any natural blackhead treatment that includes water is incomplete. You should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

This secret five tips can be very useful and effective with results showing very quickly in a short period of time especially if the infection of the pimples is slight.

Do you want to not know the best home remedy to cure pimples how important or severe can it be? Rapidly and permanently cure your pimples without side effects.

I was not able to type everything here, but I suggest you check it out now by clicking the link => Home Blackhead remedy.

AskWiki: Where can I buy HCG to lose weight?

If you are reading this article, you are probably already very aware of all the benefits of HCG for weight loss, so I will not go into that in this article. Instead they will focus on the topic of where you can buy HCG to lose weight.

HCG Buying on the Internet has its distinct advantages.

The cost of ordering HCG online is going to be much cheaper than going through a clinic.

Suppliers of good reputation onine HCG are going to have testimoniYou can check.

The choice of place to order will also depend heavily on your decision on what type of HCG to use.

There are three types of HCG products people use today.

Homeopathic drops

HCG injections (HCG category as prescribed in the form of injection)

sublingaul HCG (HCG recipe degree of mixing in drops taken under the tongue

No matter how HCG be used before the end of HCG online there are some things you should consider.

Any HCG website that offers at very low prices must be suspect. HCG is a hormone and has an expiration date and do not want the trash or the finished product.

you should always ensure that you are buying a medical product as HCG from a reputable supplier.

most reputable websites have a doctor or health professional available to answer questions.

Find a website with testimonials from satisfied customers.

the HCG should come with clear instructions mixing and storage.

Stay away from websites that are trying to sell add products like protein shakes and oils special and cleaning products – these are not part of the original protocol and should be a sign that they are out of your money!

Look at the payment information page on the website – if it says you have to transfer the money through the bank – RUN AWAY FAST – they are not a scam to appear they want you to send them money – Stay away!

Homeopathic HCG (HHCG) does not require a prescription and does not need to be refrigerated and therefore can be taken on the road with you.

There are many HCG providers out there, but buy wisely as is your health and your body is trying, therefore this is an important decision.

NOTES: It is recommended to take HCG under the care of a physician. Your doctor can tell you about the potential risks you may face if you decide to use HCG. There are no known side effects associated with the use of HCG, which include things like headaches, hypoglycemia, abnormal bone growth, and joint pain, as well as other more serious side effects. If you use HCG and note any side effects, you should stop using the HCG and contact your doctor.

where to buy HCG online, you will find that most prescription strength HCG marketers are from outside the US. Because the FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss, you should check the condition Local and federal laws to see if ordering HCG is legal in your area before placing the order. It is your responsibility to determine if you can legally purchase HCG injections and supplements online. Sometimes the orders will be stopped at the customs and returned to the sender.

The secret of smoking pipe

The art of glass water pipe smoking is one of the oldest forms of use of snuff. The pipe remains a comforting activity that modern smokers often overlook. You must pipe smoking if you are interested in having a satisfying experience, but do not think that is a healthier alternative to cigarettes. The health risks are similar or slightly lower.

Gather implements

  1. Image titled Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Step 1

    Search pipes. Part of the pleasure of smoking pipe is the ability to create your own perfect experience. Take your time to search a snuff store options that are aesthetically pleasing. Weighs each pipe in your hand (light pipe is always more comfortable). If you’re completely lost, ask for recommendations to employees.

    • Even an attractive wooden pipe has hidden defects (even if it comes with a price tag low). If price is your main concern, a pipe corncob is the safest option.
    • A metal filter in the cannula can absorb moisture and perhaps alter the taste.This is a matter of personal preference and if you change your mind, you must remove the filter.
  2. Image titled Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Step 2

    Check if you have mechanical defects. Nothing interrupts the action as much as smoking a pipe malfunction. Avoid frustration with a quick inspection before you buy: 

    • Avoid pipes with thinner walls of 6 mm or 1/4 inch (about the width of a pencil).The base should also be at least this thickness. To measure, place a pipe cleaner in the bowl, press it on top of the bowl, then compares this height to the outer wall.
    • Poke a pipe cleaner into the cannula. You must pass smoothly in and out very close to the base of the bowl.
    • Although there are exceptions, varnishes thick flakes and bubbles can form heat after constant use.
  3. Image titled Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Step 3

    Gather accessories. You’ll need more than a pipe to start smoking. If you visit a pipe shop, acquires all at once to avoid you have to make several trips and discomfort. You will also need:

    • A lighter or matchbox. Butane lighters plastic are cheap and plentiful, but some smokers do not like the smell or taste. Pipe lighters are available in a variety of prices, but may be a good idea to start with a good supply of wooden matches.You can invest in a pipe lighter later.
    • A pack of pipe cleaners to keep your pipe clean and functioning properly.
    • The plugger for pipe. It is used to put the snuff in the bowl.
  4. Image titled Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Step 4

    Choose a snuff for pipe. Entering a snuff store can be overwhelming at first.Perhaps names like Cyprian Latakia or Dutch Cavendish mean nothing to you.Fortunately, a quick lesson will be enough for your first purchase:

    • Aromatic mixtures (sometimes called American) have added flavors. Most beginners prefer these options are milder and sweets.
    • Non-aromatic mixtures are pure snuff, which generally have a tangy flavor.
    • Any snuff can go through the “Cavendish” process to make it softer and lighter.
    • If possible, buy two or three small sample cans so you can try a variety of options.
  5. Image titled Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Step 5

    Choose a cut of snuff. The snuff is sold in various shapes and sizes. There are many cuts and many ways to prepare them , but these are good choices for beginners:

    • The tape is cut into thin and long ribbons, which can be placed directly into the bowl.
    • The sheet is cut into thick strips or in irregular pieces. Either way, you rub them between your fingers until they break down into smaller parts.

Part 2 of 3: Smoking

  1. Image titled Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Step 6

    20 to 40 minutes away. Pipe smoking is a leisure time activity. Take some time in a comfortable place where nobody bothers you and where you can smoke without disturbing anyone.

    • If you smoke a pipe of new heather, smoking indoors away from drafts. Even a slight breeze can cause the pipe burn stronger, which can damage the briar before you can “learn to use it.” This is not necessary for most pipes, including pipes corn.
  2. Image titled Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Step 7

    Brings you a glass of water. A drink at hand prevents your mouth and your throat is dry and can prevent sore throat. Some people enjoy alternate pipe with coffee or tea, but wait until you have more experience and you can choose a good option to toggle.

    • It is not recommended to drink alcohol before or while smoking smoking since greatly increases the risk of cancer associated with smoking.
  3. Image titled Smoke a Tobacco Pipe Step 8
    Clean the pipe. Before you smoke, passes a pipe cleaner through the cannula and dispose of waste ash and snuff.
  4. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 9

    Fill the pipe with three pinches. Fill the pipe properly it takes practice and has a greater impact on your enjoyment. The snuff should be loose enough (like so you can easily suck air through it) and springy to the touch. Ask an experienced smoker to teach you what to do or use this method for beginners: [14]

    • Put a small pinch of snuff in the bowl. Tamp the snuff very slightly or not at all, leaving plenty of air between the sheets.
    • Add a pinch slightly larger, ramming gently until the bowl is half full.
    • It ends with a third pinch, tamping with a little pressure until there is a space of 0.6 mm (1/4 inch) on snuff.
    • “Note: Many people, in trying to adapt to a new briar pipe, fill to 1/3 or ½ of the depth described here in their first attempts. This helps form a protective charcoal cake. However, not all smokers agree with this method. ” 
  5. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 10
    Light the pipe with a wooden match or a lighter. If you use a match, let the match burn for a few seconds to avoid absorbing a puff flavored match. Move the flame around the surface of snuff while you breathe in uniform long manner.  If the pipe goes out immediately (which is common), only apisónala gently and tries to turn iton in the same way.
  6. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 11

    Smoke vacuuming short and occasionally. Most smokers inhale the smoke sucking gently or moving the tongue back, along the palate. Some beginners and cigarette smokers inhale smoke, but it is better to keep the mouth, not in the lungs.Hold the bowl of the pipe in your hand while you smoke for the first time. Aspira you need to keep the pipe alight without putting too hot to hold.

    • A minority of pipe smokers inhale occasionally enjoy, which produces a nicotine dizziness. A pipe is stronger and thicker than a cigarette, so just to suck gently and one or two puffs per bowl.
    • Avoid inhalation causes lung cancer is less likely, but still prolonged use exposes you to a high risk of oral cancer.
  7. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 12
    Tamp and restarts as necessary. If the pipe is turned off, only tamped and turn iton again. The surface of ash is beneficial and no need to throw it away until so thick that prevents light the pipe. When this happens, boot half the ash hitting the pipe against a cork knocker, your hand or other soft object.

Part 3 of 3: After smoking

  1. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 13

    Allow the pipe to cool. Once you finish smoking pipe let cool. If you did not finish the contents of the bowl, tamp the snuff to extinguish.

    • Never disassemble the pipe while it is hot. This can break the cannula.
  2. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 14

    . Dale maintain the bowl Depending on the type of pipe, there are two methods for this:

    • Briar pipes require an accumulation of charcoal (a “cake”) to protect the wood.Cover the bowl and stirred the ashes to loosen and distribute it in the bowl of the pipe. With your finger, rub the ash on the walls of the bowl. Boot the remnant.
    • For other pipes, most smokers prefer to keep them clean. Shake the ash, then clean the bowl with a paper towel or pipe cleaner (in particular, should not allow a thick cake is formed in meerschaum pipes).
  3. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 15
    Clean the cannula and the barrel. Remove the cannula and put a pipe cleaner through it to remove moisture and debris. Do the same with the drain pipe leading to the camera.
  4. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 16
    Poke a pipe cleaner through the tube and cannula. Remove the cannula pipe.Dampen a pipe cleaner slightly (you can do with saliva) and put through the pipe until you can see the end in the bottom of the bowl. Repeat the process a few times and alternately blowing gently through the cannula to clean the ashes scattered. Repeat the process for the cannula.
  5. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 17

    Let stand pipe for one or two days. This gives the time required for moisture to evaporate pipe, preventing difficulty sucking and gurgling.

    • If you want to smoke more often adds a second pipe to your collection.
    • You can leave the pipe cleaner into the pipe to absorb any moisture while resting.
  6. Image titled Pipe Tobacco Smoke to Step 18
    Clean the pipe with a cotton swab after smoking a few times. A pipe cleaner or a cotton swab soaked in alcohol , remove dirt that can block the flow of air or affect the taste. Use then dry pipe cleaner to remove moisture. Some pipe cleaners do after every time you smoke and others do not even bother. If you acquire the habit, ask forhelp from a fellow smoker to identify the signs of a dirty pipe.


  • Above all, be patient and take things easy. Usually, the pipe smoking experience is not pleasant until you are fully competent in filling in the ignition, the tamping and cadence smoking. It takes time to discover the mix of favorite snuff and pipes that fit your tastes.
  • The snuff is packaged in different degrees of humidity, which is primarily a matter of preference. A further wet can may be easier to smoke if you let it air dry for a while.
  • Get help and advice. There are many people and great forums that can help you discover this wonderful pastime.
  • To keep the brightness in a briar pipe, occasionally encérala with wax heather.
  • If the pipe gets too hot to hold, it means that burns too. Adjust it and let it off, then try again a few minutes later. [26]


  • Never use a metal pipe to smoke snuff. It looks very unusual and striking, but remember that metal conducts heat. You can burn with it.
  • Smoking a pipe can leave you with “tongue bite , ” an irritated or sore tongue. The reason for this is unclear, but smoking at low temperature (must have the pipe less crowded and suck slower) can help, since you can change the snuff. Experienced smokers learn to avoid this as they hone their techniques.
  • The meerschaum pipes are especially delicate (and valuable). Get advice an experienced pipe smoker foam sea.
  • Hookah smoking carries a risk of oral cancer and throat cancer that is similar to smoking cigarettes. When inhaled, it also carries a risk of lung cancer.

Things You’ll Need

  • a pipe
  • a plugger
  • the snuff
  • For cleaning:
  • A pipe reamer
  • Some pipe cleaners
  • A wax cloth and pipe
  • A clean lint-free cloth

14 Secrets of Korean cosmetics

If you love your skin care, says this date: November 3. That day will be released the book Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare and Makeup, an interesting and practical guide to the secrets, tricks and care of Korean cosmetics. And lately, the Korean beauty products have become a worldwide reference for using natural ingredients and look for a lush, fresh and natural aesthetics that achieve radiant skin. It is needless to say that the skin of its women is considered the brightest and healthy planet.
The authors of the book are two known bloggers Kerry Thompson, author of Skin & Tonics, and lift x para que serve, the blog The Beauty Wolf. Both provide detailed information about the most popular and effective cosmetics, how to assess your skin type or how to build a beauty routine Korean style.

The secrets of Korean beauty

According to several articles written about this guide, the best kept secrets of Korean have to do with the products they use and their beauty routines. For example:
• Masks of “rubber”. They are an evolution of facial masks that are obtained by mixing a powder enriched with water to obtain a similar kind of glue mixture.
• The beauty routine is repeated in the morning and afternoon. The morning is usually faster, around 10-15 minutes, while the evening treatment usually lasts longer because it “incorporates other elements such as face masks, which are usually left about 15-20 minutes for the skin to absorb the essence” adds Kerry Thompson, in an interview for the newspaper El País.
• One of the most effective techniques is Korean follow an order that goes from lightest to thicker product. With this, you get more out of face masks, lotions and facial creams. To do this, you have to be very methodical. In fact, explain the authors of the book, the evening is ideal to nourish the skin and, in this regard, Korean perform a ritual that includes between 6 and 10 products.
• In addition to face masks, Korean use creams applied in the last steps of the beauty routine. They are products that “illuminate, hydrate or treat signs of aging while you sleep” adds Thompson.


And what is more interesting: the Korean cosmetics industry is already at the forefront of global innovation due to the natural ingredients used, for example, bee venom, snail slime, donkey milk, oil horse or extract starfish.

50 myths and truths about the brain

is not true that we use only 10% or Mozart’s music makes babies smarter. Its operation, however, it can improve thanks to video games. It allows us to perform complicated calculations or make decisions without thinking and requires less energy than a refrigerator light bulb. US neuroscientists Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang unraveled in 50 curiosities fascinating secrets of 1.400 gram of staying in the skull of each of us.

[Photo from the news]


[Photo from the news]


"Enter your brain 'by Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang.
“Enter your brain ‘by Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang.


1. Drink not destroy neurons. Excessive drinking for many years leads to brain size is reduced but, usually, is a reversible phenomenon. Red wine may even protect the brain, reducing the risk of stroke, provided the dose range between two glasses a week and up to three glasses per day maximum.

2. A strong blow to the head does not cure amnesia. As much as the film has been determined to convince us of the opposite. Nor is achieved with hypnosis or with the vision of an object much appreciated; as neurosurgery, it is more likely that, rather than remedy the loss of memory, the cause.

3. The left half is not “rational.” This region of the cerebral cortex is the one that produces the language and solve problems, but this does not mean it is “rational half.” The left brain needs logic and order, to the point that if something does not make sense, it is usual that the brain invents a plausible explanation.

4. The mood of them is no more variable than theirs. What happens is that both the formertend to better remember other changes in the mood of women, so that people who are asked to recall the degree of variability in your mood or your partner’s mood swings mentioned in them.

5. The brain is not a computer. As has evolved over millions of years through natural selection, has systems that came with a specific purpose and subsequently adapted for another, even though not They work perfectly. Therefore, it is not the work of an engineer.

6. The blind do not hear better. They do not enjoy better conditions than sighted people to identify sounds, although it is true that they have a better memory, especially for language. They are also more skilled in locating faint sounds. Both skills can help them better recognize everything around them.

7. Listening to Mozart does not make a baby smarter. This myth stems from research conducted among students in higher education which found that the activity produced a limited effect, which lasted only half an hour. However, learning to play a musical instrument is associated with an increased capacity for spatial reasoning.

8. Vaccines do not cause autism. In several countries, remove the component vaccines caused autism ensured that has had no effect on rates of autism diagnosis. Typically, autism is caused by heredity rather a multiplicity of defective genes.

9. The outer folds are not related to intelligence. The convolutions or reliefs are rather related to brain size, because thanks to this provision should be more brains in a smaller space.In the larger brains, bark also contains more white matter, the association fibers that connect distant regions of the brain.

10. It is true that we use only 10%. In the US, this statement first appeared in the writings of Dale CARNEIGE, an author of self – help books that was not scientific. CARNEIGE misquoted a passage psychologist William James, who actually had claimed that use just a fraction of the potential of the brain. And to increase the percentage of used brain, the idea is adding supplement fatorgenius.

The 10% myth is the false belief about the most widespread brain, it appeals to our desire to improve. Some surveys have found that this is what I think most people in the US and Brazil. Today scientists know that the whole brain is necessary for normal functioning, as demonstrated by the consequences of strokes or brain damage. Even limited to a very small part of the brain damage can be detected by neurological symptoms.


11. Willpower increases when we achieve something. It’s like a muscle and can train. After carrying out a task that requires self -control, people no longer rushing a second task with the same degree of effort, even when other tasks and have nothing to do. This common reserves of willpower is strengthened with practice. Consequently, discipline increases willpower.

12. Physical exercise helps the brain in old age. It causes oxygen and glucose continue to flow as a person ages. Practice regularly improves brain function in older people, who may suffer problems of planning and abstract thinking because the frontal cortex declines with age.

13. It is able to tune sounds. It is difficult to use mobile phone in a noisy place. Taponarse the other ear with a finger is not successful. Instead, cover your device’s microphone to listen. This trick uses the brain ‘s ability to separate the signals that come from different places.

14. We can move through space like a browser. One of the most difficult work of the brain is what gets done without us realizing it.

It is relatively easy to make a computer apply logical rules and perform mathematical operations, but it is difficult to evaluate a visual image and move easily through space, as humans do automatically. For example, the human brain can distinguish objects visually and identify voices at a party, tasks that are challenging for a computer.

15. We react before thinking. Often we realize our response to an event only when we have already begun to react. For example, if you ask a group of ordinary people who react to a visual stimulus, they usually indicate environmental awareness have acquired second stimulus after starting to react. Thus, consciousness acts as a kind of interpreter that provides retrospective information on our actions.

16. Take shortcuts and wrong. The brain tends to quickly find an adequate response, rather than spend more time to find the perfect answer. This means that it takes shortcuts and gives many things for granted.

Answer the following problems as quickly as you can without doing the math: a racket and a ball cost 1.10 euros. The racket costs one euro more than the ball. How much does the ball? You may have said 0.10 euros, but the correct answer is 0.5 euros.

17. Eyewitnesses are unreliable. The brain gets rid of most of the information coming at you from the outside once it has verified that there is novel.

For that reason eyewitnesses are manifestly unreliable, partly because we all believe we see and remember more details than we can actually see and remember.

18. Do not always interpret the facts with logic. For most of the time, the brain interprets what we witnessed in accordance with general rules that are easy to apply but not always keep a logic. It requires a lot of effort applied throughout a slow and meticulous analysis, it is appropriate to perform mathematical calculations or solve puzzles.

19. The future is never seen realistically. When we think about how we will be in the future, our brains imagine unrealistic details and leave out others that may be important. Consequently, we are inclined equally to overlook both challenges and opportunities when we plan our lives.

20. Only consume the equivalent of two bananas. All energy consumption can be measured with the same unit power: watt. The brain uses only 12 watts, less than the bulb in your refrigerator, but it can do much more. Every day the brain uses the amount of energy contained two large bananas. Not a lot of power, but a large proportion of the energy budget of the entire body, which is about 70 watts.

21. There is a kind of clock. When we make long – haul flights to the east or west, this watch takes some time to get in time. Staying awake not put the clock, but the light does change your time. The light sets the internal clock according to the time that the brain calculates. Usually, when afternoon at the place of destination of a trip light time puts the brain clock correctly, regardless of who has traveled east or west. However, it is not good to travel too.

Crossing many time zones more than twice a month is hazardous to health, it can cause brain damage and memory problems, probably due to stress hormones.

22. Whenever we remember something, we erased and rewrote the memory. This allows, in the end, actually remember things that have never happened. That explains why different people often remember the same events differently.

23. Chronic stress causes memory loss. An emotional arousal increases the accumulation of important details in long – term memory. The stress activates a hormone secretion acting on the hippocampus and amygdala to enhance memory. Chronic stress, however, can damage the hippocampus and lead to permanent loss of memory.

24. It does not distinguish the taste of sugar. A laboratory mice Diet Coke do not taste sweet. The ingredient that sweetens (aspartame) acts by reacting with the taste buds of the tongue sensitive to sweetness, message received by the brain. But the papillae of mice react only sugar and saccharin, but not aspartame.

25. The spicy heat does not even make you sweat. The taste receptor that identifies Capsaicin, the chemical that makes food taste spicy, also detects high temperatures. This is the reason why the heavily spiced foods make you sweat. The nerve endings sensitive to capsaicin are spread throughout the body, as anyone can see simply touching your eyes with your fingers after a few chopped chillies.

26. Sneezing after an orgasm is a brain “failure.” Many men happens frequently. The reason is that brain ramifications are a much more winding tangle that can lead to strange cable crossovers produce different reflex movements. Another effect produced by the same: one in four people sneezes when looking at a bright light such as the sun.

27. No one can tickle yourself. The reason is that the brain itself predicts what each will feel in response to their own actions. You can use this ability of the brain to defend that tickled one: just put a hand on the hand of the other person while ago.

28. Babies disconnected neural connections that do not use. In general, discard those that are not used enough during the first two years of life. If the brain were a rosebush, the experiences of the outside world would be the technique to be used for pruning, no fertilizer.

29. Who suffers abuse during childhood is more vulnerable to stress. It has been discovered in experiments with rats (which could be transferred to humans) that good parenting makes adult less vulnerable to stress by reducing the intensity of responses your system of stress hormones. Bad parenting increases the risk of depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

30. If a language is best learned in childhood. Young children recognize the sounds of all languages ​​but from 2 years of age, their brains begin to find it difficult to distinguish sounds that are unusual in their mother tongue .

31. Teenagers are “equipped” to behave well. During adolescence, individuals seen in improved planning and organization of behavior, in inhibiting reactions in attention span, memory and the emotional self. It is probably because the connections in the prefrontal cortex, which are important in regulating behavior, continue to be developed through 20 years of age.

32. His aging makes us happier. As people age seen an improvement in overcoming negative thoughts and emotions control. This may explain why older people tend to be happier than younger people.

33. Video games improve brain function. Students of Higher Education who regularly play these types of games are able to record more objects in a short visual stimulus that they do not play. In addition, playing reprocess information faster, more objects recognize a stroke and can switch tasks more easily.

34. memorizes the agenda for the exam in one sitting. The brain retains information longer if breaks between successive courses of study are made. Two separate study sessions can facilitate assimilate twice knowledge that a single session of the same total duration.

35. If the neurons are renewed in adulthood. They were born in the olfactory bulb, which processes odors, and the hippocampus, which is important for memory. Learning exercise or improve survival of these neurons.

36. Select is not his forte. People tend to feel more satisfied with their decisions when they have few alternatives to choose from when they have many options. Having to make many comparisons can reduce the feeling of satisfaction that leads to regret not having chosen the alternatives that we have neglected.

37. heals moderate depression without pills. At the end of the day, can be written down three good things that have occurred and a brief statement of the circumstances that have led each of them. This exercise increases the feeling of happiness and reduces the symptoms of moderate depression within a few weeks.

38. Love is a drug. The regions of the brain that cause drug addiction also react to natural positive stimuli like love. These regions help animals to establish links with their peers-which may explain the reasons for their existence, despite the collateral damage that causes addiction.

39. orgasms make us more confident. Oxytocin, a hormone released during orgasm, increases trust among people in social relations. Persons who were given oxytocin spray nasally presented two times more likely to give money to someone else who did not receive the treatment, which suggests that experiencing orgasms can influence decision-making.

40. younger siblings are more likely to be gay. In fact, having an older brother is a known factor that can better predict homosexuality. The presence of a male fetus can cause pregnant women produce antibodies against certain molecules that determine sexual orientation. In subsequent pregnancies antibody could inhibit this molecule.

41. The brain betrays women in mathematics. In many countries the notion that girls are not very good at math. Girls have poorer performance on tests if before we do ask them to indicate their gender. However, they get a better result if before the exam hear a lecture on famous math or remind them they are good students.

42. Men and women space are oriented differently. Women are more dependent benchmarks to navigate, and many often give directions such as “turn left at the fountain and looking red house”.

Instead, the men identify the right direction from a mental map of space: “Go east one kilometer and then turn north.” However, women remember the location of objects more easily than men.

43. We are getting smarter. The mean scores on intelligence tests have increased from three to eight points per decade in the twentieth century in many industrialized countries. The fact is not due to evolution but to improve the living conditions of economically disadvantaged children.

44. Certain brain circuits have specialized in imitation. Such circuits may be important for identification or empathy feelings.Called ‘mirror neurons’ are activated when the animal performs an action such as, for example, firmly grab their food, or when it sees another animal perform the same action.

45. Some damage of strokes can be avoided. Symptoms of a stroke include sudden inability to move a limb, or speak, or even numbness of a considerable part of the body. Treatment of stroke can prevent long – term damage, but only if the patient comes to a hospital within a few hours.

46. ​​mirages are not a legend. Visions as a result of a disorder can occur in brain functioning. Mountaineers report sometimes having seen his side peers who do not know, having observed a light emitted by themselves or by others or have been afraid suddenly, all of which can be derived from deprivation or insufficient oxygen in the temporal and parietal lobes of the cerebral cortex.

47. Many “possessed” were actually sick brain. In times practiced exorcisms people whose behavior was strange and inexplicable.Today it is known that many of these people had suffered neurological diseases such as epilepsy or schizophrenia.

48. After the amputation of a limb, patients can feel the presence of a “phantom limb”. The reason is that the brain has registered a map of the body and takes time to assimilate disappears representation of the lost limb.

49. Pain resides in the brain and can be controlled. The brain activity completely determines the sensation of pain and its intensity.Scientists are trying to use brain imaging and feedback techniques to teach people to turn on their own areas of the brain that control pain.

In one experiment it was possible that the brain of an expert in meditation inhibit their response to the prick of a needle on the cheek.This method could be used for chronic pain sufferers reduce the feeling of discomfort voluntarily activating the placebo effect.

50. Science works on getting the paralyzed move their limbs. Researchers are working on the design of prosthetic arms to help patients suffering almost total paralysis. Through a monitoring brain activity, researchers can deduce what the movement seeking toreproduce and use this information to guide an artificial arm


Secrets of home insurance that will impact you

home insurance loopholes

Some aspects of your policy of insurance of House – such as the rates and deductibles – are easy to find in your policy and understand. But some of the clauses are well buried within your policy declarations and exclusions pages. If you don’t read them can give you headaches if you ever have to file a claim.

Don’t wait until a disaster comes to find out what it covers and what your policy does not cover.

Deductible Insurance House misleading

If you have to file a claim, beware of tax loopholes that have to do with deductibles. Some house insurance agencies have different deductibles for each risk. Probably you know the price of your deductible for the common risks covered in your policy. But the homeowners insurance for areas with a high risk of (such as the Gulf Coast) hurricanes or tornadoes (such as the Midwest) areas normally have a deductible “special” separate and different if you want to make a claim for the damages caused by hurricanes or tornadoes.

“These separate deductibles are based on the value of the property of the insured,” says Robert Hunter, director of insurance for the Consumer Federation of America and former Commissioner of the Texas Department of insurance who is also familiar with establishing reductions for Florida property insurance rates. “Often they are about 5 percent of the value of the House.”

For example, if your home is valued at $200,000, your deductible “standard coverage” for “other risks” such as fire, theft and other losses may be between $500 and $1,000. But The orange county water damage declares that the deductibles on hurricanes and tornadoes can be $10,000. This is a big difference if you’re not prepared to pay for it.

For two types of deductible?

“Separate Hurricane deductibles are insurance policies to control the exposure of an insured to catastrophic losses, moderate the price of coverage and improve the availability of coverage,” said Bob Dean, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Agency’s insurance Dean & Draper in Houston, Texas.

The tale of two risks of insurance

According to Hunter, another tax loophole of especially egregious house insurance is “the anti-simultanea cause clause.” ” Which earned a nasty reputation after Hurricane Katrina.

According to this clause, if two events happen approximately at the same time (regardless of the order they occurred) and one is covered and the other is not, the claim will refuse him completely. So if your home is damaged by a windstorm (which is a hazard covered in a standard policy) but also damaged soon after by a flood – and don’t have flood – sure your insurance will not cover the damage done by the wind. “” Even though the fact that wind has removed the roof your home was what caused the flood.’ “he says Hunter.

Hunter States that another example is flooding and vandalism. “I looked on a claim where the Vandal got to the garden with swimming pool and poolside vandalism caused that the House will flood. As the owner did not have flood insurance, neither vandalism nor the flood damage will be covered,”he says.

Dean declares that “the anti-simultanea cause clause” is found in almost all home insurance policies.“There is the possibility that everyone has two emergency at the same time or one close to the other,” he adds.

If you wonder where you can find this clause in your home insurance policy, Dean suggests that you review the exclusions section.

This clause has brought with it a public outrage already thousands of claims has but denied partially or completely. However, what looks like an unfair wording is justified often. “In the past decisions of the Court is that the anti-simultanea cause clause is not ambiguous in its wording,” says Dean.

Limits of coverage

In addition to the clauses, Dean States that it also must be careful with the limits of coverage.

“Water damage normally covered under the homeowners insurance policy but that coverage often have caps or”limits of ‘according to the policy,’ “says.

A standard home insurance policy typically has exclusions of damages caused by water coming from flooding, water surface, waves and floods of water masses. Some insurance companies may also have limits for coverage of basements.

It is also normal that there are limits of coverage for jewelry, coins, firearms and antiques.

Compromising structures

Another common tax escape from home insurance has to do with the coverage related to certain structures in your House or a shed.

Maybe the bees got into the facade of your House and built a hive that compromise the Foundation of your home. Perhaps the termites ate part of your House and let you that you will pay your “account of the restaurant.” Dean says that some insurance agencies may hold that since bees and termites have been around for centuries, they could have attacked your home before coverage becomes effective.

Read your policy for full – up to small letters – prior to purchase or renew your home insurance policy. Check with your agent any limit or exclusion of possible coverage to understand how you will respond if you submit a claim,”says Dean.

“Game of Thrones actor accidentally leaking the script page on Instagram


Warning: As you’ve probably guessed from the title, there are loads of spoilers in this post. Major ones from Season 5, and mild (possible) spoilers for the upcoming Season 6.

LONDON — It probably says something about just how much sex and violence is in Game of Thrones that of all the many, many script pages that could potentially have leaked online, the one that finally does ends up being fairly explicit.

SEE ALSO: ‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams just dropped a huge bombshell about Jon Snow’s fate

French actor Elie Haddad, who is reported to be joining the Game of Thrones cast in an unknown role for Season 6, posted a seemingly innocent photo (which he’s since deleted) on hisInstagram account with a coffee cup and an iPad on the table in front of him. Nothing very interesting about that, but a closer look reveals that the iPad is actually open on a page of what we assume is Haddad’s Game of Thrones Season 6 script.

Initially it looks as though the text is way too small to read, but the combination of some careful zooming and the motivation of a whole Internet’s worth of ravenously obsessed fans has quickly sorted that problem out. Game of Thrones community site Watchers on the Wall wasted no timeattempting to decipher the script, and with the help of some people in the comments it looks as though we may now have a few lines of dialogue.

The conversation appears to be between two Dothraki, and goes like this:

“I like her.”

“She’s paler than milk.”

“I bet she gets nice and pink when you pinch her.”

“I’d like to know what a Khaleesi tastes like.”

“Good. You can suck my dick.”

*Laughter all round*

So what’s going on?

Well judging by the word Khaleesi (which is one of the clearer ones that can be seen in the photo), it seems pretty obvious that they’re talking about Daenerys. And that would make sense, wouldn’t it? At the end of Game of Thrones Season 5 (and the most recent book), Daenerys is surrounded by Dothraki after she flees Meereen on the back of Drogon.


Here’s Daenerys at the end of Season Five, shortly before she bumps into a load of Dothraki.


From the leaked page of the script, we can therefore make a couple of assumptions: (1) that Khaleesi is taken captive by the Dothraki that find her, and (2) that the Dothraki in question probably don’t have her best interests at heart.

One commenter also pointed out the name Missandei in the third paragraph from the top, in what looks like the stage directions. It’s really, really hard to make out, but it looks as though it reads “Having d________ Missandei” — disguised? discussed? — which could imply that Daenerys’ loyal friend is also present during the scene. Possibly attempting some sort of rescue?

Maybe, maybe not. We’re well aware we’re clutching at straws now, but in the yawning gulf between Game of Thrones seasons (and the even bigger gulf between books), how else are we supposed to fill our time?

Maybe they’re all in on it together and they drop these hints on purpose every now and then, just to keep us guessing.

Yeah, that’s probably it.

Companies are shielded against the indiscretions of accounting

Confidentiality agreements of key employees, such as the financial sector, are intended to prevent data leaks and facilitate legal claims when controls fail.

Companies are shielded against the indiscretions of accounting

Some accountants and auditors are worth more so silent that at that count. Therefore, where appropriate, the ability to remain silent is a well especially quoted by the companies that hire them.And to ensure its discretion, they make them sign confidentiality agreements, to skip them, facilitate claims through the courts.

Employees who do disclose accounting information of your company can lose their job. The question is whether the accounting data are considered trade secrets and revealing them if the employee incurs unlawful conduct. Article 54.2.d of the Workers’ Statute allows the employer to dismiss an employee in the event of breach of contractual good faith and breach of trust, and in this section could frame a behavior as the violation of accounting secrets.

In addition, the worker, on charges such as auditor or accountant must maintain silence for legal mandate 5th article of the regulation, according to which the employee has a basic duty to comply with the specific obligations of of course, in accordance with the rules of good faith and diligence.

A judgment of the Superior Court of Galicia last November 23 mentions these articles of the Statute of Workers in a case in which good taken for the dismissal of a worker forwarded two personal email addresses and a total BCC 196 emails with confidential company information.


– Although the criminal law does not regulate the crime of violating the secrecy of accounting, it is indirectly punished for offenses linked within the market and consumers and the discovery and disclosure of secrets.

– Article 200 of the bookkeeper brisbane to discover, disclose or transfer data reserved for legal persons, without consent. Penalties may be one to four years in prison in addition to fines and professional disqualification.

– People who take over data or documents in order to discover a secret company, the penalty will be applied between two and four years in prison in addition to the fine, according to Article 278 of the Penal Code .

– The dissemination, disclosure or transfer of a company secret held by a person having legal or contractual obligation to maintain confidentiality is punishable by imprisonment of two to four years, but it is worth their advantage is reduced.

– If the reason for secrecy has an unlawful purpose, either from a criminal point of view or from the administration, it does not have to be protected and its disclosure by a worker should not have to incur any punishment.

Specifically, in this case it was confidential and sensitive information not only about the company but also the contents of privacy of other workers, such as medical certificates or its working parts and the quadrant staff holidays. the situation is also that the employee had signed confidentiality clauses with the company.

Dismissal, which was first declared void by the court instance, has received the approval of the high Galician court precisely on the grounds that the employee’s conduct, which had already accumulated various sanctions, “is contrary to those basic rules of loyalty and honesty, with a clear breach of trust in the performance of work “. According to the judgment says, this behavior implies a serious and willful breach of contract deserving the ultimate sanction of dismissal, as provided for in Article 54.2.d of the Workers’ Statute.

Cases like this occur relatively frequently in business, but the problem is to determine what constitutes trade secrets and whether the accounting information included in them. Under this concept not only are the purely industrial or technical secrets, but also commercial data, intellectual capital of the economic and financial, says Professor Miguel Angel Villacorta, in an article Accounting Review.

In principle, a secret company information is confidential when there will be locked away by the owner and has value for a rival.To receive this qualification, the information disclosed must have sufficient entity to harm the competitiveness of the company.

As for who should keep the secret, according to Villacorta, it is best to consider all the subjects who have an employment relationship with the company, among which are included the accounting and management of this department.

Concerning the time that the worker must respect the confidentiality of information, the doctrine contradicts the courts.On the one hand, some argue that sentencing is only required to remain silent while working for the company positions as manager, employee or worker, while other failures are insufficient to limit the period of employment.

The question here is what happens if an employee decides to leave the job voluntarily to reveal secrets.Villacorta said that in these cases is expected to appreciate the importance and significance of secrecy and the need to strengthen the position of the courts when a worker extinguish their employment precisely to deal with confidential information.

Often, workers who carry confidential information of the company do so with the intention of giving it to competition or create your own business making use of that data. These situations come directly in the field of unfair competition. Legislation in this area considered unfair ‘disclosure or exploitation, without authorization from the owner, trade secret or any other kind of business secrets to which they have gained legitimate access, but with reserve duty, or unlawfully. ”

Corporate history is littered with examples of problems of use of confidential information. One of the most notorious cases in Spain occurred in the early nineties, when the executive Jose Ignacio Lopez de Arriortúa was accused by General Motors, years after being signed by Volkswagen, to seize illegally of company documents and reveal secrets the German firm. After years of lawsuits and litigation groups they signed an agreement in 1997 that VW would pay 100 million dollars (77 million euros) to buy GM and 1,000 parts per million.

Employees who become accomplices for not denouncing
Loyalty to the company of a worker may falter for many reasons, but the situation becomes particularly sensitive when the employee is aware that it is your boss who, for example, is responsible for a crime accountant. When such conflicts exist, the law is clear and the duty to report a crime prevails over any type of confidentiality clause that an employee is forced to sign.

Otherwise, you can see implicated complicity default and can even end it is shown that the accused was aware that there was a criminal practice and could have stopped or avoided had spoken before. There are some exceptions that do not require priority duty to report, according to Bernardo del Rosal, Professor of Criminal Law and counsel of the Litigation and Arbitration department of Clifford Chance.

For example, it is unclear what happens when a crime in releasing the employee is autoinculpando that has actively engaged in the conduct. In nonviolent property crime, there is no obligation to reveal when it comes to a family. As for the next steps, Bernardo del Rosal explained that it is normal to go to the Director of Regulatory Compliance, an increasingly popular figure but still have not implemented most of the companies.

You can also use the confidential reporting channels that have established many companies as an ethical line following the changes to the Criminal Code and to recognize the responsibility of companies by employees crimes committed in its name. In the absence of these channels or there are suspicions that the company will not cease its practice and will be achieved only dismissal, the best option is to go to the police, a police court or the prosecution, said the expert of Clifford Chance.

We must reckon with the possibility that the investigation concluded that no crime. Legally, there is no problem as long as until terminated falsely enough to have a prima facie suspicion and to go to the authorities. But that will not stop firing, at least it is considered inappropriate because the employee has acted as an informer by law.

9 nasty secrets about pregnancy that nobody talks


Before getting pregnant … You were hoping to get pregnant? You said you’d be glowing? Have you believed that vision that Gyn nyc would make you an angelic rounded silhouette eager to be home and a lot of half-baked muffins?

I hope you agree with me that soon you realize that this is a lie.

The other day I posed a simple question to the girls in the group BLUNTmoms : something happened that you did not expect? And the question was followed by an impressive string of talks in Facebook (you vomited with rage) about unpleasant, amazing, repulsive and rare symptoms that no one told us that would occur during pregnancy, childbirth and even after (there enough content to write almost a book).

Why did not anyone tell us? The only thing I can think is that people try to keep us in ignorance because he known, would never let a guy approached us less than a kilometer. And mankind would become extinct. However, once we do, we discover that the miracle of creating life has some dirty little secrets, but that’s life and it’s great … even when it is not (obviously, because many come back to do it again and again despite being prevented).

Motherhood is a joy, but sometimes it’s cover mucous, sweat and poop. And accompanied by a lot of touching strangers, assuming you do not like …
I could only do one thing: to organize the list of “Things they did not tell you to wait in a state of good hope” … and ask you the other: Is it wrong? And, most importantly: Have we forgotten something?

1. acne worse and more painful than you’ve ever had

The teen years have nothing to do with cystic acne can develop. In the neck. Behind the ears. Cheeks. Even in the back and chest. Or this, or a silky skin throughout pregnancy, which will endure until you give birth, and there it will fill you with blisters like you’ve got your head in a hornet’s nest. What’s wrong, hormones? Give us a break.

2. Your nose is your enemy

Do you bleed? ¿Moqueas? All right. Have you purchased a full load of Kleenex? Do not? Well, I plantéatelo. You may find that your nose acquires superpowers. You will be able to identify what they are eating the other by the smell of urine, which may create marital conflicts when you realize that your dear husband has gobbled delight which you try to abstain. You become obsessed thinking you smell bad. You may have to avoid certain foods throughout pregnancy, because it will give disgusting smell. For real. For no apparent reason. It may just be chicken. Or cooked broccoli.

3. discomfort and nausea all day p —-

Sometimes it does not happen. But it may happen to suffer nine months of vomiting.Even they may hospitalize dehydration. Oh, these muffins … .Ojalá surcease nausea in the mornings. But no.

4. You have the exhausted body

An unexplained clumsiness; a heartbreaking sciatica; Back pain; headache;Heartburn (up to convince you that you have the child’s hair in the throat); twinges in English; feeling of having a cannon in the perineum; constant cramps in the foot; die every time you take a hot shower …. All this and much more. Looking for a chiropractor. And a shower stool, those who use older people.

5. You twists his mouth

You do not snore? Well now. You snore so loud that you wake yourself, probably with an open mouth and a sticky slime on the pillow and hair. Speaking of drooling: you’ll do at any time, anywhere. You may salives eating like a rabid dog. And all you feel bad. Rare. A metal little.

6. You become a sweaty, hairy beast

Your body responds to hormones like if you were to become a Teen Wolf. You will sweat all the time, and probably let the form of sweat soaked body on the mattress to reach the 40th week. They will darken and harden nipples. You will hair. Apropos.Everywhere. Pubic hair you go down her thighs, and even leave the nipples. And the nose. Than?

7. Mam-sia and other general types of dementia

You weep with ads. You will provoke international incidents following the opening time of McDonald’s. You will be convinced that everyone is stupid. You spend months with an irrational anger and wanting to stick punching people in the face. You will become dumb, unable to spell your name or to complete a sentence. You’ll forget what you were going to do, you will open the refrigerator without remember the reason you lose your car keys 12 times a day. You’ll be paranoid thinking that the baby can suffocate if you sleep on your back. O to develop an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder if you take half cup of tea.

8. Go to the bathroom is your worst nightmare

You’ll have to go pee every time you get up (whenever you feel, do you turn or answer the phone), roughly every 15 minutes. Can you escape the pee unintentionally. And best not to poop … so prenatal vitamin, you’ll be so constipated that believe die.
Every trip to the bathroom is like a small preparatory script delivery, along with the hub, grunts and strength to push. Hemorrhoids are also common. Itch and bleed.You will come to reintroduce the form -of year discretely at each visit to the bathroom when you take the last prenatal vitamin pill.

9. Total freedom for farting

You do not have in mind, princesses. In the fifth or sixth month, you start to become a gaseous and clumsy rhinoceros. You will pull farts. Walking, she will accompany a symphony of trumpets. Your husband will look for some type of diaper to protect against massive collateral damage from your bombs. The gases will be so painful that will make you believe that beat you birth. Touch you sneak surreptitiously to find a hiding place and apañártelas for metering noise. At least with the pads, diarrhea is not a problem. Peeeero as already imaginas-, if it occurs, will smell worse than ever.

What mix of interesting experiences about pregnancy !, right? And you, do you have any that we have forgotten?

Optimal management of energy saving secret

With information from Stefan Amraly – Representative of the Global Agreement Superior Energy Performance (GSEP for its acronym in English), industrial plants and commercial buildings consume 30% and 9% of the total energy of their business respectively.

Making changes in the management of energy, these facilities can achieve significant gains in energy efficiency achieving savings of 10% to 40% in energy consumption.

Much has been made of the double challenge of organizations carrying out environmentally friendly practices at the same time not compromise the interests of business, which makes sustainability practices for the industry are committed to most cases. The implementation of energy efficiency systems causes two direct actions that achieve positive break this dispute: first, directly reduces costs by decreasing energy consumption and second, that the company achieved its environmental impact decreases.

According to international standards, the task of minimizing energy consumption without affecting their business productivity, can be optimized by implementing an Energy Management System. This process seeks first to have information of energy consumption, observing equipment and production activities or services to meet the particular energy costs. It also requires the development of a management system with clear targets to reduce consumption over a period of time determined by the development of energy efficiency projects.

It generates an Energy Management System in your company.

Changes that do not require major expenses such as educating staff in electrical losconsumos nature and impact of “small” actions like unplugging teams at the end of the day impacting up to 8% in energy savings. Other actions that require technical changes to make more investment (such as replacement of pumping equipment, refrigeration or specialized equipment) cover its investment return periods between 5 and 7 years depending on the nature of the equipment and industry. These actions are part of System Energy Management we seek to promote in Mexican industry.

From the energy assessment of a company you can develop actions that will result in projects that will reduce energy consumption. Other techniques actions permitting reducing power consumption through a management system, are:

  1. Optimize energy processes
  2. Recover residual heat
  3. Use natural ventilation
  4. Use air conditioning installations or thermal conditioning
  5. Improve the management of transport fleets, noting fuel types and qualities and driving carpool programs and optimize transport processes
  6. Improve facilities and artificial electric lighting in general

All interested in the implementation of an Energy Management System is suggested organization is based on the ISO 50001, since this international voluntary regulations made ​​under the SystemsManagement, has a specific chapter on the energy consumed in the process . For a certification that rule, the applicant must meet several stages starting with the determination of the baseline, continues with the design and implementation of the management system to further develop internal audits and certification with reputable companies to provide this type service that will accommodate the certificate ISO 50001. In addition, the renewal of this certification is made ​​after three years in accordance with the statutes of that rule.

TÜV Rheinland supports business and industry both in the development of diagnostics Energy as the development and implementation of Systems Energy Management. Likewise, and only in cases where we have not developed the SGE, we act as home for the ISO 50001 certification.

By implementing a Management System Energy certified as energy efficient, companies are reflected in its operating profits ranging from implementing continuous improvement processes, meet the overall picture of the energy sources used and their proportion, reduce gas emissions greenhouse gas (GHG), perform systematic and defined processes optimization, ensure compliance with its energy policy, improve their corporate image and reduce costs in energy consumption and achieve savings with a good return on investment (ROI).

Follow your carbon footprint

Projections of Global Humanitarian Forum highlight that 2030, climate change will affect 600 million people, will be responsible for at least 500,000 deaths annually and shall involve an economic cost of $ 300 billion dollars.

Other business concerns included in the environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility policies, is the carbon footprint. The carbon footprint of either a product or corporate activities, is an indicator that measures environmental impact of all greenhouse gases that occur along the supply chain of an organization or an activity.

The process of calculating carbon footprint is the basis for certification of an organization as a Company in Carbon Neutral, supported by the ISO 14064 standard and allows a company to analyze its various sources of emissions and participate in international initiatives to reduce pollutants in a global context.

This certification gives companies the advantages how to reduce operating costs, identify cost-effective opportunities to reduce emissions, providing added value to their customers and have greater transparency in its processes in a real sustainability activities.

Certainly, beyond the double challenge of minimizing energy consumption without affecting business productivity, it highlights the problem of climate change can be solved, largely with international standards on the subject.

6 films that were leaked on the Internet long before its release

All instances of piracy begins with a screening physical original or legal copy of a film, which is then uploaded to the Internet. Sometimes a user has in his hands an advanced edition of a highly anticipated film and released online for the enjoyment of anyone wanting to see a fuzzy movie on a small screen, and in the case of these six films screened on the internet before being released. Click Here to see more.

No. 6 American Gangster

One would think that projects most popular properties as well as superheroes or franchises, are the first to appear on the Internet. However, this film Ridley Scott appeared a week before … with the stamp of “copy for competition at the Academy Awards.” Yes, he was a member of the Academy who leaked the film

No. 5 Fifty Shades of Grey

Click here to download Fifty Shades of grey pdf.

# 4 Hostel Part II

It is obvious that a sequel, and more influential films of terror, is the target of fans who want to see it before anyone else. Therefore, it is no surprise that a copy to which only lacked some special effects would make very popular online, weeks before the official release.

# 3 Halloween

Speaking of terror, this reboot directed by Rob Zombie also appeared surprised weeks earlier, in this case the hand of a DVD containing a trial version. The worst thing about this version is that time had been rejected before, and the film to be released was radically different. The fans then migrated to theaters to see how improved the new version.

# 2 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Although today nobody wants much to this prequel, this reputation was won months before its release, because a copy without many special effects appeared online eight weeks before launch. To the misfortune of the film, the lack of spectacular CGI widely showed the problems of script and performance of the project.

No. 1 The Expendables 3

So macho they are the stars of this franchise, and yet they could not stop the leak of a pristine copy of the third film. He appeared three weeks before the premiere, so it quickly scattered them around the world, with subtitles and all, until the final bill came to the big screen. Have you seen all three parts of this movie? If you haven’t, you can find them all on putlocker What movie has been known leaked online before the release? Did you see any of these? .