6 films that were leaked on the Internet long before its release

All instances of piracy begins with a screening physical original or legal copy of a film, which is then uploaded to the Internet. Sometimes a user has in his hands an advanced edition of a highly anticipated film and released online for the enjoyment of anyone wanting to see a fuzzy movie on a small screen, and in the case of these six films screened on the internet before being released. Click Here to see more.

No. 6 American Gangster

One would think that projects most popular properties as well as superheroes or franchises, are the first to appear on the Internet. However, this film Ridley Scott appeared a week before … with the stamp of “copy for competition at the Academy Awards.” Yes, he was a member of the Academy who leaked the film

No. 5 Fifty Shades of Grey

Click here to download Fifty Shades of grey pdf.

# 4 Hostel Part II

It is obvious that a sequel, and more influential films of terror, is the target of fans who want to see it before anyone else. Therefore, it is no surprise that a copy to which only lacked some special effects would make very popular online, weeks before the official release.

# 3 Halloween

Speaking of terror, this reboot directed by Rob Zombie also appeared surprised weeks earlier, in this case the hand of a DVD containing a trial version. The worst thing about this version is that time had been rejected before, and the film to be released was radically different. The fans then migrated to theaters to see how improved the new version.

# 2 X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Although today nobody wants much to this prequel, this reputation was won months before its release, because a copy without many special effects appeared online eight weeks before launch. To the misfortune of the film, the lack of spectacular CGI widely showed the problems of script and performance of the project.

No. 1 The Expendables 3

So macho they are the stars of this franchise, and yet they could not stop the leak of a pristine copy of the third film. He appeared three weeks before the premiere, so it quickly scattered them around the world, with subtitles and all, until the final bill came to the big screen. Have you seen all three parts of this movie? If you haven’t, you can find them all on putlocker What movie has been known leaked online before the release? Did you see any of these? .


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