AskWiki: Where can I buy HCG to lose weight?

If you are reading this article, you are probably already very aware of all the benefits of HCG for weight loss, so I will not go into that in this article. Instead they will focus on the topic of where you can buy HCG to lose weight.

HCG Buying on the Internet has its distinct advantages.

The cost of ordering HCG online is going to be much cheaper than going through a clinic.

Suppliers of good reputation onine HCG are going to have testimoniYou can check.

The choice of place to order will also depend heavily on your decision on what type of HCG to use.

There are three types of HCG products people use today.

Homeopathic drops

HCG injections (HCG category as prescribed in the form of injection)

sublingaul HCG (HCG recipe degree of mixing in drops taken under the tongue

No matter how HCG be used before the end of HCG online there are some things you should consider.

Any HCG website that offers at very low prices must be suspect. HCG is a hormone and has an expiration date and do not want the trash or the finished product.

you should always ensure that you are buying a medical product as HCG from a reputable supplier.

most reputable websites have a doctor or health professional available to answer questions.

Find a website with testimonials from satisfied customers.

the HCG should come with clear instructions mixing and storage.

Stay away from websites that are trying to sell add products like protein shakes and oils special and cleaning products – these are not part of the original protocol and should be a sign that they are out of your money!

Look at the payment information page on the website – if it says you have to transfer the money through the bank – RUN AWAY FAST – they are not a scam to appear they want you to send them money – Stay away!

Homeopathic HCG (HHCG) does not require a prescription and does not need to be refrigerated and therefore can be taken on the road with you.

There are many HCG providers out there, but buy wisely as is your health and your body is trying, therefore this is an important decision.

NOTES: It is recommended to take HCG under the care of a physician. Your doctor can tell you about the potential risks you may face if you decide to use HCG. There are no known side effects associated with the use of HCG, which include things like headaches, hypoglycemia, abnormal bone growth, and joint pain, as well as other more serious side effects. If you use HCG and note any side effects, you should stop using the HCG and contact your doctor.

where to buy HCG online, you will find that most prescription strength HCG marketers are from outside the US. Because the FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss, you should check the condition Local and federal laws to see if ordering HCG is legal in your area before placing the order. It is your responsibility to determine if you can legally purchase HCG injections and supplements online. Sometimes the orders will be stopped at the customs and returned to the sender.


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