Beauty in vein, injections of enriched plasma

The latest anti wrinkle injections melbourne are made from your own blood and growth factors. As you hear, true beauty in the vein . A true kick of first aid for what has been the frustrating anti-age target: from 50 onwards … The same that stands against wrinkles and all the side effects of the passage of time; Perpetuated already with omnipresence, however much we look at them in the mirror, with a refill and with more or less obsession.

If you’ve entered the tunnel to turn back time and fight like a flake against it, this can be your anti-aging treatment: a flash of luminosity that gives your skin a global revitalization. Why not? A younger look with your best blood sample enriched with platelet growth factors.

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Be that as it may, in May of this year, plasma has been classified by the Spanish agency of medicines and sanitary products as “medicine for human use to meet special needs . Nowadays it is part of many treatments of many medical specialties. In cosmetic medicine can be used in an isolated way, although the usual thing is to combine it with facial mesotherapy with vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc.

We spoke with the medical manager of Vicario Clinics, a chain of pioneering centers , in this technique, as well as great specialists in this aesthetic therapy that nourishes your syringes with your own plasma enriched with growth factors, which in its menu of services Denominate Mesoterapia Dautólogo of Plasma . The Armstrong International Clinic unveils Esthetic Unit where they also perform this vampiric but rejuvenating cosmetic medicine treatment has also advised us on what, how, how much, what and where to use these injections of enriched plasma.

Treatment that I am not ready to try at the moment , although I have been invited to do so on numerous occasions. In any case and in the same way that I recommend baby diapers or anti-dandruff shampoos without using them, I think that for those who like mesotherapy sessions can be very good. Of course, please be careful in choosing the professional and above all do not get addicted to their incredible results, it is best to stay in the credible, although there are tastes for everything. Alaska , for example, prefers to be artificial, as I read in El País Semanal last Sunday.

The Dra. Purina Espallargas is a good example of lancing stimulus youth, with a steady hand and gingerly when inserting the needle into the groove of wrinkles. The filling as cream cake, is chosen à la carte and depending on our personal map of wrinkles and facial flaccidity.

With the injections of biostimulation of plasma there seems to be no rejection and the results are visible instantly and also in the long term. The only problem would be to put exaggerated expectations on a superficial treatment. Only plastic surgery produces drastic and permanent changes.

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How is platelet-rich plasma or growth factors prepared?

“It is extracted from your own blood, it is first processed and introduced into a special culture broth that is reinjected in a short time,” says Carmen Fernández Astún, a dermatologist at Armstrong International.

In the opinion of Dr. Ricardo Vicario, Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor of Clínicas Vicario: “Once the blood sample is obtained, we perform a centrifugation process, in such a way that the red cells are separated from the rest of the plasma. Platelets are obtained from plasma (platelet rich plasma, PRP). And it will be inside these platelets where the FCs are. Red cells are discarded (red blood cells) and we are left with the platelet rich plasma, which we apply calcium chloride for the platelets to release the FC. Growth factors are small fragments of biologically active proteins that activate various functions of the Cells to develop tissue regeneration and repair processes. That is, CFs are biological mediators that regulate essential functions in tissue regeneration / repair. “

What effects does it have under the skin?

“This plasma increases the ability of biosynthesis of fibroblasts and reconstructs the optimal physiological environment of the skin to increase cellular activity, production of new collagen, elastin and acid hyaluronic own, thereby increasing the strength, shine and smoothness of the skin. It has the advantage that virtually no adverse reactions are possible “explains Dr. Carmen Fernández-Antón, dermatologist – Armstrong International Clinic

What are the applications on face and body?

“In Vicario Clinics we apply it in: Subdermic therapy in the form of a platelet clot for skin and volume repair, subdermal therapy (infiltration with adipocytes) for filling of depressed scars or scars and in intradermal therapy (as mesotherapy) for skin biostimulation Face, neck, neckline, hands .. “summarizes Dr. Ricardo Vicario.

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Is there any contraindication?

Treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or platelet biostimulation is a safe treatment, provided that you work under appropriate asepsis conditions. Since plasma is obtained from the patient, there is no risk of allergic reaction or rejection.

How many sessions are needed?

For the treatment of aging, flaccidity and stretch marks, monthly sessions are recommended, minimum of 3,   being ideal between 4 and 8. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

How long do the results last? And how often should the treatment be repeated?

Treatments vary depending on the medical protocol to follow. As a guideline, Dr. Ricardo Vicario notes that “if we apply it as an autologous facial filler, it is usually enough once. In Facial mesotherapy like biostimulation along with vitamins, minerals and trace elements 3 sessions spaced in 3 months and a subsequent maintenance of 2 times a year. If used to give volume combined with a fat graft or facial lipofilling   is usually enough once.


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