As all cat owners, accidents of this type occur to us at home, in this cat care post we are going to show you some cheap and effective home remedies to eliminate the cat urine smell of your house.

Suppose your cat has peed out of the sandbox and there is cat urine on a rug, on a sofa, or on your bed. To get rid of it, we recommend that you follow these steps:

1. The sooner you act, the better. The more time passes, the more cat urine will penetrate thetissue, the more it will spoil and the more it will penetrate the unpleasant odor. So do not wait, and nothing else you notice, get going!

2. Dry the area thoroughly with absorbent kitchen paper: simply place several pieces of paper on the stain and step on them or apply a little pressure to the paper to absorb the liquid better. Repeat this until you see that the paper does not absorb anything else.

3. Use a product on the fabric: If you have access to them, there are specific products on the market to eliminate the urine odor of cats that chemically destroy enzymes present in cat urine that cause bad smell . But suppose you do not have access to those products, or that you do not want to use a chemical and see what homemade products you can serve us.

What home remedies remove the odor of cat urine? The best 3 cat urine remover products:

1. Use white vinegar to remove the odor of urine from cat:

(Do not use vinegar from red grapes so that there are no red traces on the tissue). You can dilute one part of water and another of vinegar and wet a cloth in that mixture. With the cloth well moistened in the vinegar you must rub in the macha so that it is eliminating the smell of urine of cat. The vinegar manages to kill bacteria that contribute to causing the bad smell and is a good natural remedy against the smell of cat urine . -If the stain is on a carpet, it is best that you use a brush to make the product penetrate better.

2. Juice or lemon juice removes the smell of cat pee:

Lemon juice also serves to kill bacteria and as a deodorant, but keep in mind that it is acid and so it is better to use it diluted with water (this will prevent the lemon from spoiling or damaging some surfaces or tissues).

3. Baking soda as a natural deodorant:

Bicarbonate is a whitish salt that is present in nature, although it can also be synthesized artificially.

Almost everyone has baking soda at home because it is used to relieve heartburn. But another use of baking soda is cleaning and even removing the cat urine odor , as the baking soda has a great power as an abrasive and natural deodorant.

How to eliminate the smell of cat pee with bicarbonate?

  • It’s simple, simply spread a good layer of baking soda on the carpet or sofa or fabric you need to clean. You can help with a cloth or a brush so that the product penetrates better in the fabric with the bad smell.
  • Let it sit for a few hours, or overnight if you can.
  • The next day shake the tissue well and pass the vacuum cleaner to remove any baking soda.
  • Another option is to mix the bicarbonate with water and make a whitish paste , which you will spread on the surface to deodorize. Let it dry for several hours, until it remains as dust again. This shape is best if the cat urine odor is already very “deep” in the tissue.

4. Detergents, especially with active oxygen:

This is a fourth home remedy to remove cat pee odor (not natural, but common in our homes). We use it mostly as stain removers, but because of their action with active oxygen, these household detergents also suit us to clean cat pee from the tissues.


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