The secret of smoking pipe

The art of glass water pipe smoking is one of the oldest forms of use of snuff. The pipe remains a comforting activity that modern smokers often overlook. You must pipe smoking if you are interested in having a satisfying experience, but do not think that is a healthier alternative to cigarettes. The health risks are similar or slightly lower.

Gather implements

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    Search pipes. Part of the pleasure of smoking pipe is the ability to create your own perfect experience. Take your time to search a snuff store options that are aesthetically pleasing. Weighs each pipe in your hand (light pipe is always more comfortable). If you’re completely lost, ask for recommendations to employees.

    • Even an attractive wooden pipe has hidden defects (even if it comes with a price tag low). If price is your main concern, a pipe corncob is the safest option.
    • A metal filter in the cannula can absorb moisture and perhaps alter the taste.This is a matter of personal preference and if you change your mind, you must remove the filter.
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    Check if you have mechanical defects. Nothing interrupts the action as much as smoking a pipe malfunction. Avoid frustration with a quick inspection before you buy: 

    • Avoid pipes with thinner walls of 6 mm or 1/4 inch (about the width of a pencil).The base should also be at least this thickness. To measure, place a pipe cleaner in the bowl, press it on top of the bowl, then compares this height to the outer wall.
    • Poke a pipe cleaner into the cannula. You must pass smoothly in and out very close to the base of the bowl.
    • Although there are exceptions, varnishes thick flakes and bubbles can form heat after constant use.
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    Gather accessories. You’ll need more than a pipe to start smoking. If you visit a pipe shop, acquires all at once to avoid you have to make several trips and discomfort. You will also need:

    • A lighter or matchbox. Butane lighters plastic are cheap and plentiful, but some smokers do not like the smell or taste. Pipe lighters are available in a variety of prices, but may be a good idea to start with a good supply of wooden matches.You can invest in a pipe lighter later.
    • A pack of pipe cleaners to keep your pipe clean and functioning properly.
    • The plugger for pipe. It is used to put the snuff in the bowl.
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    Choose a snuff for pipe. Entering a snuff store can be overwhelming at first.Perhaps names like Cyprian Latakia or Dutch Cavendish mean nothing to you.Fortunately, a quick lesson will be enough for your first purchase:

    • Aromatic mixtures (sometimes called American) have added flavors. Most beginners prefer these options are milder and sweets.
    • Non-aromatic mixtures are pure snuff, which generally have a tangy flavor.
    • Any snuff can go through the “Cavendish” process to make it softer and lighter.
    • If possible, buy two or three small sample cans so you can try a variety of options.
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    Choose a cut of snuff. The snuff is sold in various shapes and sizes. There are many cuts and many ways to prepare them , but these are good choices for beginners:

    • The tape is cut into thin and long ribbons, which can be placed directly into the bowl.
    • The sheet is cut into thick strips or in irregular pieces. Either way, you rub them between your fingers until they break down into smaller parts.

Part 2 of 3: Smoking

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    20 to 40 minutes away. Pipe smoking is a leisure time activity. Take some time in a comfortable place where nobody bothers you and where you can smoke without disturbing anyone.

    • If you smoke a pipe of new heather, smoking indoors away from drafts. Even a slight breeze can cause the pipe burn stronger, which can damage the briar before you can “learn to use it.” This is not necessary for most pipes, including pipes corn.
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    Brings you a glass of water. A drink at hand prevents your mouth and your throat is dry and can prevent sore throat. Some people enjoy alternate pipe with coffee or tea, but wait until you have more experience and you can choose a good option to toggle.

    • It is not recommended to drink alcohol before or while smoking smoking since greatly increases the risk of cancer associated with smoking.
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    Clean the pipe. Before you smoke, passes a pipe cleaner through the cannula and dispose of waste ash and snuff.
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    Fill the pipe with three pinches. Fill the pipe properly it takes practice and has a greater impact on your enjoyment. The snuff should be loose enough (like so you can easily suck air through it) and springy to the touch. Ask an experienced smoker to teach you what to do or use this method for beginners: [14]

    • Put a small pinch of snuff in the bowl. Tamp the snuff very slightly or not at all, leaving plenty of air between the sheets.
    • Add a pinch slightly larger, ramming gently until the bowl is half full.
    • It ends with a third pinch, tamping with a little pressure until there is a space of 0.6 mm (1/4 inch) on snuff.
    • “Note: Many people, in trying to adapt to a new briar pipe, fill to 1/3 or ½ of the depth described here in their first attempts. This helps form a protective charcoal cake. However, not all smokers agree with this method. ” 
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    Light the pipe with a wooden match or a lighter. If you use a match, let the match burn for a few seconds to avoid absorbing a puff flavored match. Move the flame around the surface of snuff while you breathe in uniform long manner.  If the pipe goes out immediately (which is common), only apisónala gently and tries to turn iton in the same way.
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    Smoke vacuuming short and occasionally. Most smokers inhale the smoke sucking gently or moving the tongue back, along the palate. Some beginners and cigarette smokers inhale smoke, but it is better to keep the mouth, not in the lungs.Hold the bowl of the pipe in your hand while you smoke for the first time. Aspira you need to keep the pipe alight without putting too hot to hold.

    • A minority of pipe smokers inhale occasionally enjoy, which produces a nicotine dizziness. A pipe is stronger and thicker than a cigarette, so just to suck gently and one or two puffs per bowl.
    • Avoid inhalation causes lung cancer is less likely, but still prolonged use exposes you to a high risk of oral cancer.
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    Tamp and restarts as necessary. If the pipe is turned off, only tamped and turn iton again. The surface of ash is beneficial and no need to throw it away until so thick that prevents light the pipe. When this happens, boot half the ash hitting the pipe against a cork knocker, your hand or other soft object.

Part 3 of 3: After smoking

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    Allow the pipe to cool. Once you finish smoking pipe let cool. If you did not finish the contents of the bowl, tamp the snuff to extinguish.

    • Never disassemble the pipe while it is hot. This can break the cannula.
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    . Dale maintain the bowl Depending on the type of pipe, there are two methods for this:

    • Briar pipes require an accumulation of charcoal (a “cake”) to protect the wood.Cover the bowl and stirred the ashes to loosen and distribute it in the bowl of the pipe. With your finger, rub the ash on the walls of the bowl. Boot the remnant.
    • For other pipes, most smokers prefer to keep them clean. Shake the ash, then clean the bowl with a paper towel or pipe cleaner (in particular, should not allow a thick cake is formed in meerschaum pipes).
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    Clean the cannula and the barrel. Remove the cannula and put a pipe cleaner through it to remove moisture and debris. Do the same with the drain pipe leading to the camera.
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    Poke a pipe cleaner through the tube and cannula. Remove the cannula pipe.Dampen a pipe cleaner slightly (you can do with saliva) and put through the pipe until you can see the end in the bottom of the bowl. Repeat the process a few times and alternately blowing gently through the cannula to clean the ashes scattered. Repeat the process for the cannula.
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    Let stand pipe for one or two days. This gives the time required for moisture to evaporate pipe, preventing difficulty sucking and gurgling.

    • If you want to smoke more often adds a second pipe to your collection.
    • You can leave the pipe cleaner into the pipe to absorb any moisture while resting.
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    Clean the pipe with a cotton swab after smoking a few times. A pipe cleaner or a cotton swab soaked in alcohol , remove dirt that can block the flow of air or affect the taste. Use then dry pipe cleaner to remove moisture. Some pipe cleaners do after every time you smoke and others do not even bother. If you acquire the habit, ask forhelp from a fellow smoker to identify the signs of a dirty pipe.


  • Above all, be patient and take things easy. Usually, the pipe smoking experience is not pleasant until you are fully competent in filling in the ignition, the tamping and cadence smoking. It takes time to discover the mix of favorite snuff and pipes that fit your tastes.
  • The snuff is packaged in different degrees of humidity, which is primarily a matter of preference. A further wet can may be easier to smoke if you let it air dry for a while.
  • Get help and advice. There are many people and great forums that can help you discover this wonderful pastime.
  • To keep the brightness in a briar pipe, occasionally encérala with wax heather.
  • If the pipe gets too hot to hold, it means that burns too. Adjust it and let it off, then try again a few minutes later. [26]


  • Never use a metal pipe to smoke snuff. It looks very unusual and striking, but remember that metal conducts heat. You can burn with it.
  • Smoking a pipe can leave you with “tongue bite , ” an irritated or sore tongue. The reason for this is unclear, but smoking at low temperature (must have the pipe less crowded and suck slower) can help, since you can change the snuff. Experienced smokers learn to avoid this as they hone their techniques.
  • The meerschaum pipes are especially delicate (and valuable). Get advice an experienced pipe smoker foam sea.
  • Hookah smoking carries a risk of oral cancer and throat cancer that is similar to smoking cigarettes. When inhaled, it also carries a risk of lung cancer.

Things You’ll Need

  • a pipe
  • a plugger
  • the snuff
  • For cleaning:
  • A pipe reamer
  • Some pipe cleaners
  • A wax cloth and pipe
  • A clean lint-free cloth


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