14 Secrets of Korean cosmetics

If you love your skin care, says this date: November 3. That day will be released the book Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare and Makeup, an interesting and practical guide to the secrets, tricks and care of Korean cosmetics. And lately, the Korean beauty products have become a worldwide reference for using natural ingredients and look for a lush, fresh and natural aesthetics that achieve radiant skin. It is needless to say that the skin of its women is considered the brightest and healthy planet.
The authors of the book are two known bloggers Kerry Thompson, author of Skin & Tonics, and lift x para que serve, the blog The Beauty Wolf. Both provide detailed information about the most popular and effective cosmetics, how to assess your skin type or how to build a beauty routine Korean style.

The secrets of Korean beauty

According to several articles written about this guide, the best kept secrets of Korean have to do with the products they use and their beauty routines. For example:
• Masks of “rubber”. They are an evolution of facial masks that are obtained by mixing a powder enriched with water to obtain a similar kind of glue mixture.
• The beauty routine is repeated in the morning and afternoon. The morning is usually faster, around 10-15 minutes, while the evening treatment usually lasts longer because it “incorporates other elements such as face masks, which are usually left about 15-20 minutes for the skin to absorb the essence” adds Kerry Thompson, in an interview for the newspaper El País.
• One of the most effective techniques is Korean follow an order that goes from lightest to thicker product. With this, you get more out of face masks, lotions and facial creams. To do this, you have to be very methodical. In fact, explain the authors of the book, the evening is ideal to nourish the skin and, in this regard, Korean perform a ritual that includes between 6 and 10 products.
• In addition to face masks, Korean use creams applied in the last steps of the beauty routine. They are products that “illuminate, hydrate or treat signs of aging while you sleep” adds Thompson.


And what is more interesting: the Korean cosmetics industry is already at the forefront of global innovation due to the natural ingredients used, for example, bee venom, snail slime, donkey milk, oil horse or extract starfish.


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