wikiHow to Create your photo booth at home

Summer came and, with it, the sequence of events: the good weather, the holidays, the trips and … the paperwork. And is that, taking advantage of the summer, many are forced to renew their documentation to be able to leave the country, looking for adventures to tell their friends and partners in September.
One of the things that lazier gives in this bureaucratic process is having to go to a photo studio or photo booth to take the rigorous photos of the card . You know that almost all official documents require that photo be six months or less old, so unless you have lots of cards to update in a short time, it is usually a useless payout.


Now is when you will ask yourself: ” Can my computer also help me make these pictures for less money? “And the answer, if not obvious enough, comes next:


Indeed, with some ingenuity you will also have your photo booth hire melbourne . Three are the aspects in which you have to look for it: the camera, the software and the printer that you use.
The camera
To take the image, a digital camera or a webcam will suffice , since the latter type of cameras, although they are not of high quality or have no flash (except cases like the image on the left) are sufficient for a picture of 30mm x 40mm and have programs that use the default brightness of the monitor itself as a makeshift flash.


The conditions of the photo must, however, be adequate to what is required in these images: place at a distance from a white wall or, failing that, a sheet of the same color extended or a paper surface. The farther you are from the wall, the less hard your shadow will be projected on it and the better the picture will be.


The software
Once the photo is taken, the software will help you adjust the size of the photo and generate the templates to print them. Here are a couple of programs that may be useful for this task:
Passport Photo has an extremely simple operation: choose the photo you just took and depending on the size of the photograph you define, delimit the area visible through a frame.


The program has few standards and none is Spanish, but you can customize the exact size to which you want to print the photos of the template . You can also generate a document that takes full advantage of the dimensions of the page you are going to print on.


DocPrint requires even less configuration than the previous one, but against it is that you should cut the image before with some other program . In short, this application is limited to generating the template of photos ready to print, but in this case it does have predefined sizes for official documents .
Party Booth is the most complete of the three options (similar in certain respects toMac’s Photo Booth ), because in addition to the trimming and preparation of the template, it does the captures from the webcam . Therefore, this application is the closest to having a photomaton at home and, in addition, with animated slideshow options, so that you see the result instantly and in an attractive way.


Printing photos
At the time of taking the photos of the card to the photographic paper, the so common multifunction printers are somewhat short. It is necessary to resort to more professional solutions to obtain the same results as in the study.
Photographic printers have gained popularity for some years, when digital photography finally consolidated and its price was significantly reduced. Nowadays they are not a crazy option and, for less than 100 euros, you can get one . The models in the HP Photosmart series , Epson Stylus Photo and Canon’s Selphy are geared to basic needs such as printing photo cards, and their paper and maintenance costs are relatively low.


However, for specific cases it is also not the best option to print from home. Photo galleries and image centers at the foot of the street work with good quality photo paper and its price is much lower than that of a photographic studio . In addition, if you wish, you can directly order the printing of these images from home . Thanks to applications like Ikatz at Home , the development order is integrated with your image album and it becomes a children’s game.


As you can see, there is practically nothing you can not do with your computer. Even dispense with these curtains, which are useful for specific emergencies, but less and less for photographic …
What do you think of these tricks? What other solutions do you know to save on taking pictures? 



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